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“I met her and my person influenced me the most”

“I met her and my person influenced me the most”

Mwhile Shakira Preparing to release her new song, in collaboration with Manuel Turizo, the Colombian woman does not stop receiving offers from artists from all over the world to collaborate with her.

in this occasion, It won’t be about Bizarrap or Karol G. This time, the Colombian has an “offer” coming from Argentina. Specifically, it concerns the singer Emilia Mearnsone of the Latin revelations in recent years.

Argentine singer who has 7 million followers on Instagramhas become one of the most listened to in her country, Argentina, but in many other parts of the world, she has also skyrocketed to spots on Spotify.

Mernes gave an interview to Harper’s Bazaar in which he acknowledged the artists he would like to collaborate with, including Colombia’s Shakira as one of his favourites: “There’s a lot! But if I had to dream big I’d say Beyoncé, a complete diva.” Shakira also seems incredibly talented to meI met her in May and her personality influenced me the most.

Who is Emilia Mearness?

singer Emilia Mearns He was born in Nogoya, Argentina in 1996 and started his professional career in 2016 when he joined the Uruguayan group ‘Rombai’ but left in 2018 to start his solo career. His first work as a soloist was “Recalienta”, a song that reached a younger audience.

One of his latest hits is a real international hit, Quieres, which he sang with Aitana and Ptzeta. He’s made his move, too Actress in the Disney + series “Intertwined”and the second season, which will premiere in 2023.

A distinctive feature of Emilia is that she wears two diamonds under each eye, which is very characteristic of her. Just like the tattoo your partner has on their face is very unique, Argentine rapper Duque. They are both dating and met while recording “As If It Didn’t Matter”, a song they did together.

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