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The dramatic moment visitors to an American theme park got stuck

The dramatic moment visitors to an American theme park got stuck

Panic at an Oregon amusement park

At the very least Thirty people Almost like they were hanging upside down Half an hour On top of a popular amusement park Oaks Park Inside Portland, OregonReported by the State Rescue and Emergency Committee through social network X.

Gravity Atmospheric fear, Acting like a pendulum, it suffered an unexpected failure, turning passengers completely upside down.

Chris Ryan, a park visitor, and his wife, who were at the park to celebrate their birthday, planned to ride the attraction. However, upon arrival, they saw AtmosFEAR They heard other onlookers exclaim that it had stopped in mid-air and the passengers were hanging upside down. In this situation, they decided not to go up and watched the incident from a distance.

Later, they boarded the Ferris wheel and as they were riding, a loudspeaker announcement was heard over the loudspeaker, saying that the park was closed and asking all visitors to evacuate the facilities.

The situation was rectified by the joint intervention of Firefighters and Engineers He worked to manually lower the damaged structure of the park. Although they are ready for a rope rescue, this step is not necessary.

The AtmosFEAR mechanical game, which operates like a pendulum and spins passengers completely upside down, has suffered an unexpected failure.

All passengers were evacuated unharmed and received preventive medical treatment.

For now, the attraction is closed until further notice.

The park announced it is cooperating with the attraction’s manufacturer and state inspectors to investigate the reasons that led to the suspension of ride operations.

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“We want to express our deepest gratitude to the first responders, our staff who took quick action that led to a positive outcome today, and to the other park visitors who quickly followed instructions to exit the park. We are grateful for the responders to address the situation and, above all, to keep passengers safe and their families safe,” Oakes said. Park said in a news release.

Park representatives assured that visitors whose experience was affected by the incident could choose to receive a full refund or reschedule their visit.

He AtmosFEAR It is a pendulum-type attraction that is characterized by its structure in a form Giant swing It swings passengers in wide arcs while rotating simultaneously on its axis.

Park representatives have assured visitors whose experience was affected by the incident that they can get a full refund or reschedule their visit to another date (AP).

The attraction consists of a large structure in which participants are secured in rows of seats arranged in a circle. Once the cycle begins, the pendulum begins to swing slowly, gradually increasing in height and speed.

Once it reaches its maximum point, the pendulum swings at an angle 120 degreesIt takes travelers to a considerable height and offers spectacular views of the park and its surroundings.

As the pendulum swings, the circular structure where the seats are located also rotates, adding an extra dimension of movement. This combination of roll and rotation results in a feeling of weightlessness at the ends of each swing, as well as variable G-forces that intensify the experience.

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(With information from The Associated Press)