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WWE Smackdown Report 6/14 – Randy Orton returns;  Los Angeles Knight visits Logan Paul

WWE Smackdown Report 6/14 – Randy Orton returns; Los Angeles Knight visits Logan Paul

WWE held a Smackdown show on Friday from Scotland, one day before Clash at the Castle.

Naomi defeats Chelsea Green

Backstage, the Street Profits tell Kevon Owens they support him in their match against Solo Sekoa today.

We have a new version of Grayson Waller Effect with Grayson Waller and Austin Theory. Waller jokes that he understands the audience because he understands the English language. DIY are tonight’s guests. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa released a video replaying last week’s fight, where you can see Waller throws his partner Theory at Gargano as he takes a full ride to ringside. Waller says this was done by artificial intelligence. Waller says the end justifies the means, because what he and his theory do is win. Ciampa suggests leaving Waller’s stupid show and fighting for the titles, which is what the crowd really wants. Gargano tries to make Theory see that Grayson Waller is using him. Waller responds with a punch. A fight breaks out between the four.

Backstage, Piper Niven attacks Bayley and Naomi.

Santos Escobar defeats Apollo Cruz

Cody Rhodes appeared in his final confrontation with AJ Styles. Rhodes believes AJ Styles’ mission is nearly impossible. Finally, The Phenomenal One appears alongside Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. The crowd chants Boney M’s “Daddy Cool”, but in Cody Rhodes’ version. WWE is taking the opportunity to broadcast a noise meter on the screen, which is a strange fact. AJ Styles reminds Cody that he left WWE for success. Styles remembers being in NJPW. He also left ROH, helped start the company (AEW) and then left. Styles believes that when the going gets tough, Cody Rhodes decides to jump ship. Cody responds that he never gives up on learning and growing, and believes he did the right thing. Remember, if he hadn’t done that, he wouldn’t be here with the WWE belt on his shoulder.

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Cody blames him for imitating Mark Henry to hint at his retirement. Cody is certain that when the big moment between the two arrives, AJ Styles will say “I quit,” referring to the stipulation of their match at Clash at The Castle. AJ Styles replies that he’ll say enough when he wants to finish. Styles remembers his battles with Seth Rollins, but assures him that this rematch will be different because he’s not Seth Rollins, he’s AJ Styles. Exceptionalism ensures that he will get what he wants.

A video was broadcast summarizing Logan Paul’s competition in the Tetris tournament. Paul failed, so he returned home, and when he arrived, he entered his house and was told that “his boy from Los Angeles” was there. LA Knight was relaxing in Paul’s pool and made a phone call. Knight got up, dried himself off, and told Paul he would see him in Chicago next week. “Bring that American title with you, yeah!” Knight said.

Behind the scenes, The Bloodline attacks street profits. Owens is alone.

In the main event, Solo Sekoa defeated Kevin Owens, after the fight Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa appeared to attack Solo Sekoa. Randy Orton interfered and the crowd went crazy. Snake took care of the bad guys and hit Sekoa with a DDT. Orton attempted an RKO, but Tonga Loa interfered, although he was the one who ended up receiving the RKO.