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NASA is causing horror by accidentally sending out a simulation of a space emergency

NASA is causing horror by accidentally sending out a simulation of a space emergency

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (a pot) It caused panic among some social media users by accidentally broadcasting an emergency to astronauts, which fortunately turned out to be false.

This week, the agency’s YouTube channel posted an audio clip featuring a woman acting as a crew guide, giving instructions such as “check pulse and give oxygen,” and “help the commander put the suit back on,” and stating that “Unfortunately, the commander’s diagnosis is very limited.” ” It has also been suggested that a crew member’s health was compromised while on the International Space Station.

Given the resulting confusion, NASA explained through its official X account that the audio deviated from the ongoing simulation, which is part of regular training for both the crew and ground teams, to prepare them for various scenarios that may arise during the mission.

“There is no emergency aboard the ISS. At approximately 5:28 PM CDT, audio was broadcast on NASA’s live feed from a simulated Earth audio channel indicating that a crew member was experiencing effects related to decompression sickness (DCS) ). They explained that it was not a real emergency.

In addition, they noted that the crew at the station was resting at the time of the broadcast: “Everyone remains healthy and safe, and the spacewalk will begin tomorrow at 8 a.m. EST as planned,” they added in the statement issued yesterday.

The news reassured users, who expressed relief at the false alarm: “A lot of us were about to turn blue,” “It’s a relief, I’m so glad everyone is safe and sound,” they commented: “It was terrifying that hear that! “It makes me happy to know that all is well in space.”

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The agency has not yet provided further details about the incident.

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