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Lupillo and Thally explain their relationship live

Lupillo and Thally explain their relationship live

no At home with Telemundono Hot table, Lupillo Rivera He chose El show de Piolín to make his first statements after leaving the Telemundo program. The famous house.

“We are now in the readaptation phase, and here I can turn the lights on and off in my house,” Rivera said. Eddie Sotelo With laughter. It was a learning experience, I learned to know the 27 residents; “We’re trying to help everyone.”

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Among them, L Thali Garcia, who when he saw his former classmate’s chat on the networks, it didn’t take long to connect to chat with him and see each other face to face. “How exciting to see you, no need to be nervous,” Garcia joked. “You’ve always been here, and your daughters can tell you, you’ve done very well, and you’ve fought back like greats.”

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Lupillo Rivera Thale Garcia.

Heat mix (x2)

Rivera, who was surprised but happy, noted that he was not the only one who had strong experiences during the quarantine. “I met Thali at home, and I saw how all the women jumped on her, stressed her out and said: ‘This girl is in a bad situation,'” the singer explained, adding that he still felt the presence of cameras behind her. Mirrors.

He added: “And I said: Why don’t we help her? We started to get to know each other, as she is from Hermosillo, Mexico, and we met again with many things, and we started talking and getting to know each other.” “There at home [las cosas] They go by so quickly, one hour you’re talking to her and the next hour there’s another; “It’s going very fast.”

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Between talking and talking, was there an attraction between them? “There are things that aren’t right,” said Rivera, who admitted, “I always knew Thale had his family.” the home… It was impossible to hold a woman’s hand because it was immediately thought to be an affair. “And [no tener a] “Her children, there was despair in the house.”

In fact, I saw her so desperate, The bull from bullfighting He gave her his blessed oil to protect her. She affirmed categorically: “I gave her the anointed oil and she began to believe and this calmed her down a little.” “There was nothing more.”

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Garcia – who after leaving the reality show lived with Lupillo’s mother, Madame Rosa And his daughters – attest to this. “What Loeb is trying to say is that everything is experienced completely differently; [es] So intense, you only have yourself. “Lupi and I have built a friendship. I’ve been away from the team for three months.” He had become a friend; He is a man I admire. He has earned my affection and trust.” “It is worth noting that one enters with a purpose, and when one leaves and discovers the truth it is very so [diferente]He is [muy] As fast as Loeb can handle three months, but I’m here to support him; “We are great friends and I always want it to be that way.”

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Not only on a personal level, Thali promised to support him on a professional level, and even asked Bioline and Lupe to invite her to the free concert that the performer will give in Los Angeles as a thank you to everyone who supported him during his stay in Los Angeles. the home…“I was happy to see you in a safe place,” Garcia said before hanging up. “What they did to us is something worth defending.” While I was inside, I cared [a] My family and your family.”

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