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The song, which Mana refused to record with Shakira, became a huge success

The song, which Mana refused to record with Shakira, became a huge success

Shakira He gave an interview to “La Música Podcast” where he promoted his new album, “Women don’t cry anymore”He recalled the moment he lived a few years ago when he was about to release one of the singles that marked his career.

Shakira revealed in her explanation that she tried to record that song with her MannaBut the Mexican squad rejected this opportunity and instead looked for Alejandro Sanz.

I remember that when I invited Alejandro Sanz to do the torture I had invited Mana, but they refused. They invited me later to do My Truth, but at that time it was true, when I invited Alejandro, who was also successful, there was no collaboration and reggaeton had just started, it was something very separate from Puerto Rico. The Colombian presented and confirmed that this did not prevent him from maintaining a good relationship with the band.

He also added: “We practiced torture, which I remember was very successful In Spain. But in Spain, reggaeton was not yet heard, and there were many prejudices against reggaeton, and “La Torture” was reggaeton. “What happened is we put Alejandro Sanz in to hide it a little bit.”

This decision was one of the most successful in his extensive music career, allowing him to break out all over the world. The song rose to the top of various charts, something so far unusual for Spanish-speaking music. As the artist mentioned, this was a time when reggaeton was just emerging and didn’t have the support that artists like Bad Bunny, for example, have today.

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The film “La Tortura” also received a large number of nominations and awards. She was awarded Record of the Year at the 2006 Latin Grammy Awards, and at the same time, fans of the artist will also remember her video, because it showed off her hips moving skills.

In short, it was one of the biggest hits of the decade; But only the Mana members knew whether they regretted rejecting her or not.