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Find out what Marco Antonio Solís’ private jet looks like when he flies with his wife on tours

Marco Antonio Solís He is undoubtedly one of the most popular Latin American artists in the history of regional music, and with time he has not only managed to build a stellar career but also in the company of his wife of more than 20 years. Kristi Solis Enormous wealth both enjoyed as a family and often flaunted in consolidated social networks Since both of them have let their fans in their personal accounts to see the Lewis lifestyle that they have.

Kristi Solis He is a Cuban model with whom Marco Antonio Solís Married for more than 20 years. Outside of the singer’s music career, they both have common businesses like minors Solis They share a great fortune which they do not hesitate to show off social networks. newly Marco Antonio Solís He has let his fans see the amazing private jet that he uses for his concerts abroad and in which he travels with every comfort.