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Shakira crying in New York: years ago she visited this store with Pique when they were happy

The show caused a sensation on social media mainly because the artist had the support of her two children, Milan and Sasha, who chanted “The Blow”, which made several allusions to her father, Gerard Pique.

However, the Colombian’s mood could have changed in a matter of minutes, as she was caught crying after participating in the popular show.

Shakira cries after appearing on The Tonight Show

According to the Daily Mail, Shakira went to M&M’S World, in the heart of Times Square, after leaving the GE building in Rockefeller Center, where the telecast is being filmed.

The interpreter of “Monotonía” toured the store, accompanied by her brother Tonino, who was carrying in his hand a bag supposedly filled with the famous chocolates of the brand.

Shakira visited M&M’S World with her brother, Tonino.

credit: / Splash News / The Grosby Group

Likewise, she stopped chatting to a woman, who might have been a crush or an associate, and then her eyes seemed to fill with tears.

It is not known what the artist was talking about, but in the photos taken of her during that moment, she looks very excited.

Looks like Shakira was crying while chatting to a woman.

credit: / Splash News / The Grosby Group

“I’ve had a very difficult year since my breakup and writing the lyrics to this song was extremely important to me. It was a healthy way to channel my feelings,” he explained to the presenter.

Shakira is supposedly wiping tears from her eyes.

credit: / Splash News / The Grosby Group

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She added, “I have a sorority of women who have been through the same things I’ve been through, who think like me, who feel like me, who have had to put up with the most shit.”

Shakira is clearly emotional after appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

credit: / Splash News / The Grosby Group

Shakira visited M&M’s World with Piqué and their children when they were still family

Before their relationship ended, Shakira and Pique, along with little Milan and Sasha, had fun at the London branch of M & M’S World.

People en Español reports that said visit took place in 2018, when the ex-partner was “having her best moment” and there was no indication that he would one day distance himself.

The athlete and singer even agreed to take a picture with the local staff, and spoiled their kids by buying them the candy of their choice.


January 22 was a special day for Shakira, not only because her son, Milan, turned 10, but also because of the expressions of affection she received from her fans.


As has happened since the premiere of “BZRP Music Sessions #53”, on Sunday, fans of the Colombian star have flocked to the outskirts of his mansion in Barcelona.

credit: Mezcalient


They filled her with messages of love and sang “I Hit It” against Pique.

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Although Milano’s birthday party was taking place inside her house, she appeared on her balcony to express her gratitude to those who were on the street.

credit: Grosby Group


“You have done so much for me, thank you so much,” she exclaimed to her fans, as evidenced by a video released by the media.

credit: Grosby Group

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The 45-year-old singer-songwriter drew attention by posing wearing a sweatshirt with one of the most famous phrases from her collaboration with Bizarrap.

credit: Grosby Group


“Women don’t cry anymore, Belle women,” she reads about the caricature of Barranquillara.

credit: Grosby Group


Shakira kept the personal gingham print nearly hidden with her long, loose hair.

credit: Grosby Group

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She also told her followers, who promised to wait for her as long as necessary: ​​”Now I’ll go out after a while and we’ll take a picture.”

credit: Grosby Group


The Spanish agency stated that it did not know if the translator of “Monotonía” really fulfilled this promise.

credit: Grosby Group

Shakira Twitter via Grosby Group

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Cake inside a paper bag, artists and toys to liven up the party and the guests, they explain.

credit: Grosby Group


About 15 children, who also include the son of the former Barcelona player, Patrick Kluivert, who is a close friend of the singer-songwriter.

credit: Grosby Group


Milan and his younger brother, Sasha, arrived at their luxurious home with their father, with whom they spent the past Friday and Saturday.

credit: Grosby Group

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Pique, driving, entered the property through his parents’ garage, whose residence is connected to Shakira’s, and left shortly after.

credit: Grosby Group