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The first people arrive at the ticket line for the Bad Bunny concert three days after the sale

The first people arrive at the ticket line for the Bad Bunny concert three days after the sale

Three days before concert tickets go on sale bad bunny In the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum Puerto Rico A fan started lining up this morning to be the first to buy tickets for the show.

At noon, the cameras of El Nuevo Día arrived at the so-called “Choliseo”, where She was the citizen “Marita” from Caguas, who arrived today at 9:40 am, Be the first person in front of the ticket office waiting for their turn on a chair and the ticket line starts Of the three missions scheduled for July 28, 29 and 30. There they will stand in line For 72 consecutive hours Until ticket sales begin on the morning of Saturday, July 9th.

“I have people who will comfort me and come back at 12:30 at night and so on until I arrive on Saturday,” Young Kagunia said of the relief plan she will use, in order to purchase tickets for the concert on July 30.

The Urban Ace, promoting his latest album “Summer without you”And he announced last Saturday that he will sing in his home country before starting his international tour called “The Most Important Tour of the World”which begins August 5 in Orlando, Florida and ends December 10 at Azteca Stadium, Mexico City.

Along the same lines, Citizen Ellery, also from Caguas, arrived around 12:40 pm, Who together with two friends will launch an alternate plan for the next three days of waiting and manage to buy tickets for the premiere. In his case, his amenities include a camping shed, portable batteries to charge cell phones, and a “sleeping bag,” as well as “a lot of water and a lot of food.”

The surprise of his followers on the island was that the sale will start on Saturday, July 9 and will only take place in person, and cannot be purchased digitally.

As announced, only four tickets will be sold per person. The idea of ​​face-to-face ticket sales encourages the audience to be mostly Puerto Rican.

The translator of songs like “Callaíta” and “Me porto bonito” last Saturday contacted thousands of his fans through his Instagram account from a boat trip across the seas surrounding Puerto Rico. He announced his show and spent more than two hours talking with his followers.

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