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The first clash between Havana and Buenos Aires within hours of a demonstration against Javier Miley

The first clash between Havana and Buenos Aires within hours of a demonstration against Javier Miley

The Cuban regime’s Foreign Ministry denied its involvement in promoting protests against the government of Javier MileyIn Argentina, in reference to the statements of the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, who He publicly mentioned the possible presence of “Cuban and Venezuelan agitators” in the country.

Without naming the official or citing her comments, Eugenio Martinez Henriquez, Director General for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, said on Tuesday: “We have observed several slanderous attempts to link Cuba with alleged incitement or preparation of subversive acts in the Argentine Republic.”

In a video released by the Foreign Ministry, the official said: “I affirm categorically that Cuba does not encourage, participate or carry out actions that constitute interference in the internal affairs of Argentina.” “The narrative that seeks those responsible in Cuba for the internal situation in Argentina is a failed attempt to find reasons that should not be investigated.”

Monday, Bullrich pointed out the possibility of the presence of “Cuban and Venezuelan agitators” in the countryHe stated that “work is being done” on the complaint filed by journalist Joaquín Morales Sola on Sunday, which he warned against.

This issue emerged hours after groups such as Unidad Pactera, Pollo Obrero and several leftist movements and trade union organizations on Wednesday 20 December in Buenos Aires made the first mobilization against the Miley government, rejecting the economic measures announced by the Minister. Economy, Luis Caputo, and to the anti-sit-in protocol adopted by Bullrich to avoid blocking streets and highways during demonstrations.

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But the minister announced a new protocol under which protests are allowed, but without closing the streets.

The newspaper quoted Bullrich as saying about complaints about the presence of Cubans and Venezuelans in the mobilization, “I prefer not to talk about the issue. These are actions that fall within a protocol that does not allow me to provide that information.” Half of Mendocino Medzol.

Journalist Morales Sola, in addition to condemning the alleged presence of foreign agitators, confirmed this The Cuban embassy will fund subversive groups “to help subvert local troublemakers.”

This friction occurs after he knows that Miley will not appoint ambassadors to the regimes of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuelain a clear presentation of Argentina’s new foreign relations plan.

According to this report, the president’s geopolitical decision will affect the United Nations and the Organization of American States, as the Alberto Fernández administration in both organizations sided with the regimes of Miguel Díaz-Canel, Daniel Ortega and Nicolás Maduro.

The new tenant of Casa Rosada supports the opposition to Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, and will vote against Daniel Ortega’s regime in the OAS. We will condemn Havana in multilateral human rights organizationsArgentine media predicted information.

The report confirmed, “Chancellor Diana Mondino already has those presidential instructions. In these hours, Mondino is determining the list of political ambassadors she will appoint around the world. Unlike the Kirchner government, there will not be this diplomatic level in Havana.” Managua and Caracas. The Chancellor will only maintain current official representation in these two countries, as is the case with the fundamentalist regime in Iran.

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