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They condemn the “rallies” and the sale of appointments to register electric motorcycles in Cuba

They condemn the “rallies” and the sale of appointments to register electric motorcycles in Cuba

A few days before the deadline for registering all types of electric motorcycles in Cuba, such as the so-called Motorinas, expires, many Cubans denounce the “parades”, huge queues and sales of appointments in vehicle registrations throughout the country.

According to independent media CubanitThe deadline for regulating electric motorcycles and scooters expires in one year, according to authorities. Owners who have not obtained the corresponding license plate in the Register of Vehicles (RV) will not be able to trade from January 2024 and will face the risk of losing the entire investment, at a time of chaos in transportation on the island.

But it happens that many citizens have not yet been able to complete the procedure due to the difficulties presented by RV offices, bureaucracy and resale appointments to carry out this procedure.

“They want to receive the motorcycle from anyone who does not have a license plate (…) They say they do not know, but next January has become difficult even for cyclists,” William Quintero Bobo said, quoted by the media. While in the orange tree arroyo log.

Registration of electric motorcycles in Cuba

According to an anonymous source from the Havana patrol unit who spoke with Cubanet, drivers who move without a license plate or without the papers proving that the car is in the process of being obtained will face various penalties.

The first time they are caught, they will get a fine. The second time, their driver’s license will be revoked, and the third time, they will be charged with contempt and their car will be confiscated. The law enforcement agent explained that if they did not have a driver’s license and had already been warned about it, they would skip the delicate step and go straight to the complaint and confiscate the motorcycle.

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Ultimately this is for your own good; He added: “Then they complain when their motorcycle or bicycle is stolen, but the police cannot do much if they do not even have a way to identify stolen items.”

A large number of Cubans travel on electric bicycles, a number exceeding 500,000 on the island, due to the lack of public transportation options.