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Minute by minute: the presidential elections in Peru

Minute by minute: the presidential elections in Peru

2 hours ago

What Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori said after voting in Peru

Written by Jimena de la Quintana

Peru goes to the polls and chooses between Castillo and Fujimori 6:08

The interim president, Francisco Sagaste, cast his vote and called on citizens to exercise suffrage and to establish democracy. Jimena de la Quintana tells how the Peruvian Civic Festival lived and the statements of Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori. Additionally, analyst Henri Raphael is evaluating the day.

4 hours ago

opinion | Elections in Peru: The Voice of the Poor

Written by Roberto Isoretta

Editor’s note: Roberto Isoretta is Director of Latin American Projects at George Washington University. He worked on political campaigns in several Latin American countries and Spain, and was an advisor to the President of Peru, Alejandro Toledo; Vicente Fox from Mexico and Alvaro Colom from Guatemala. Izurieta is also a contributor to CNN en Español. The opinions are here for you.

I have spent several days in Lima analyzing the electoral political situation that will be essential to the future of the region. Moreover, as a professor of election campaigns, this election will, more than that of Ecuador, be a case study.

In Peru, I had the opportunity to speak and discuss my ideas with business people and friends. I met Keiko Fujimori during peace talks in Peru when he was a communications advisor to the President of Ecuador in the late 1990s. From there a strong friendship joins me, which for all analyzes is an asset, but always makes every effort to be impartial. Without it, any analysis process is useless.

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Read more.

4 hours ago

Elections among strong health measures due to Covid-19كوفيد

25 million Peruvians vote between Castillo and Fujimori 1:57

5 hours ago

Keiko Fujimori seeks Peru’s presidency for the third time: look at his career

Written by Jimena de la Quintana

Keiko Fujimori, who is on the right in the political spectrum, reached 13.9% in the first round according to official data from the National Office for Electoral Operations (ONPE). The sum of preferences for both does not exceed 33% of valid votes. Jimena de la Quintana spoke with Keiko Fujimori and this is the profile I made for the Fuerza Popular nominee.

This was Keiko Fujimori’s path 4:25

5 hours ago

Who is Pedro Castillo, the man who opposes elections in Peru with Keiko Fujimori?

Written by Jimena de la Quintana

He will face Pedro Castillo, who received 19% of the vote, Keiko Fujimori, who went to the second round with 13.3% of electoral preferences. CNN attempted, for several weeks, and through several people on his team, to interview Professor Castillo for this note, and although there was no refusal, that was not possible. This is the profile prepared by Jimena de la Quintana.

This is Pedro Castillo, who opposes the elections in Peru 4:32

5 hours ago

The vote of Peruvians abroad could be decisive

Written by Yelber Vega

The vote of about one million Peruvians, who are entitled to vote abroad, according to the country’s foreign ministry, could be decisive in Sunday’s contested second round of presidential elections. More than 300,000 Peruvians live in the United States, and most of them reside in a New Jersey town known as Little Lima. As in Peru, there is also polarization in the electoral debate.

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The vote of Peruvians abroad could be decisive 3:02