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The fine that Maria Leon will pay for a mistake in the national anthem

Maria Leon is on everyone’s lips after the mistake she made during the Singing the national anthem In the second game between the San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Padres.

singer He failed in the first section of the National BarrowInstead of saying, “It was written by God’s finger,” he said, “A soldier of God wrote.” Your fault Make people whistle at him.

Bad intonation of the national anthem It could earn you a hefty fine For the former singer from Playa Limbo.

What is the fine for singing the national anthem wrong?

according to the government, The person who sings the national anthem wrongly will be punished according to the severity of crime. Maybe Financial penalty from one to two hundred and fifty times the minimum wage, I could even get caught.

to the person or people When they sing the national anthem, they change the words shall be punished according to the seriousness of the offense and the circumstances of the offender b An economic fine of two hundred and fifty times the minimum wage, or imprisonment for up to thirty-six hours. And if the crime was committed for the sake of profit, then a fine may be imposed in the amount of one thousand times the minimum wage.”

We must remember that To use the Mexican national anthem in theatre, film, radio and television programmes, Permission required.