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Shakira and the celebrities who compete with her for a mansion on a private island in Miami

MMore complications to Shakira In Miami, she is desperately searching for a new home where she can be calm with her children.

Shakira Still looking for a “home” in Miami. It seems that the Colombian singer is not happy with the luxurious mansion in which she lived for about a month And she has He will look for another home to settle permanently in the United States.

The translator of “I congratulate you” and “Monotonia” started a new life far from Barcelona and her ex-husband, Gerrard PiqueA few days ago, the first daily photos of Shakira in Miami. In these photos, the Colombian singer can be seen with a real estate agent because, apparently, the artist would be interested in buying a new mansion in a special place in the city, in a place with More privacy.

According to “El Programa de Ana Rosa” Spanish journalist Alex Rodriguez (TV 5), it’s a house in it Fisher Island“,”The most expensive housing in the worldWhere there are the largest number of millionaires per square meter. It can only be reached by boat or helicopter.”

Fisher Island, a private island associated with Miami Beach, is the richest zip code in the United States. The median income for its 1,300 residents is about $2.5 million annually, according to an analysis of nationwide tax data by the financial publication bloomberg. Paradise pocket with A private beach of white sand brought from the Bahamas Its affluent neighbors earn on average $1 million more than those from the second richest zip code, Atherton, the epicenter of Silicon Valley.

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To get an idea of ​​how exclusive this private island in Miami is, it is enough to know how much you have to pay as an initial fee to stay there: $250,000. This annual amount then decreases to $22,256. And this area has it all: private security, restaurants, a golf course, two swimming pools, tennis courts and a residents-only beach, among other things. luxuries. Being very exclusive there Absolute privacyexactly what the Colombian singer is looking for.

However, Shakira wouldn’t be the only one interested in this Fisher Island home. also Kim kardashian He might also want to stay on the exclusive island, so both of them would compete for a place there. We’ll have to wait and see if either of them end up moving there or if they do it at the same time and be neighbors…