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The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities already has its first 70 students - Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities already has its first 70 students – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

Rosario National University has held a lottery for vacancies for the new Pre-University School of Social Sciences and Humanities, which will begin in the 2023 academic year.

The lottery was held in the presence of a notary and was broadcast live on the United Nations YouTube channel. Selected applicants will begin their Academic Adjustment Course next Saturday, November 12.

Thank you for your trust in this new academic proposal for the university. It is not easy in the times we live in to start a new school, and all the investment and management that that involves. But we are convinced that many of the problems we face as a society can be solved through more public education and better for excellence. “We thought that the United Nations needed a proposal of this kind, innovative, according to the times, and that comes to complement the proposal in the secondary education of our university,” said University President Franco Bartolacci.

He added: “From the heart we would have liked to have more students, but we did everything within our reach, in a very difficult context, to be able to start next year and within that framework we can do it in the conditions we inform appropriately. There were many Enrollments and this is something that makes us proud as an institution. The dream of this new school has already begun and will grow year after year.”

The new pre-university school proposes a new access method, through the lottery and the academic settlement course, which seeks to create a common starting point for secondary level learning. You will understand the areas of mathematics, language and literature. The course method will be through face-to-face classes, attended on Saturday mornings during the period designated annually. It will be necessary to have 80% of the attendance in the class and to complete the pedagogical examples suggested by the teachers. Applicants who do not meet these requirements will lose the possibility to study at the school.

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“Today is a great day, it is a very important moment for the city and for the field of knowledge that we are proposing. 439 people have already registered, which indicates the importance and superiority of this new middle school,” Claudia Foras, future director of this new institution.

Vacancies that remain available will be reallocated according to the lottery ranking. For those who join this second phase, the intensive placement course will take place in February 2023.

Teaching competitions for the new middle school

The United Nations opens registration for entry to the teaching ladder from November 24 to December 1. Its aim will be to cover mid-level positions, for first-year subjects of a pre-university school of social sciences and humanities based in the United Nations.

The positions to be competed are as follows: physical education; geography; Date; computing English; language and literature; Maths; Music; Optical plastic processes. health and society; Comprehensive Sexuality Education Workshop – ESI; Digital Identity Workshop and Technical Assistant for Computer Science Practical Business.

To start registration, you must complete the form available on the UN website. This application for registration must be signed in original and must be accompanied by a copy of all supporting documents duly certified and arranged as mentioned in the application. The presentation must be numbered (number of consecutive pages), starting with the application and continuing with all documents.

In addition, two copies of the above-mentioned registration application must be submitted on a separate plastic sheet. It is essential not to include all documents in this folder as this will form part of the file.

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The registration period will start from November 24 from 8 am to 12 pm at the entrance office of the United Nations Government Headquarters, Maipú 1065. It should be noted that on November 28, Government Headquarters will remain closed for administrative holidays on non-faculty days.