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The explanation for your performance may lie in your hormones

The explanation for your performance may lie in your hormones

Life during the holidays is usually quiet, calm, and fun. We rest, detach, and compose ourselves. All this causes Stress hormone levels decrease Let’s increase at the same time those that give us pleasure and relaxation. But the time has come to return, and though it makes us dizzy, doing so need not be torture, for in routine we can find great satisfaction. The key is going to be in the position that we take, and before that, hormones, like that Chemical messages from the body The major intervention in our way of thinking will play a fundamental role.

As shown Augustine Marengo, Head of Endocrinology Department at Sanitas Cima Hospital, Hormones affect multiple processes, including growth, metabolism, sexual and reproductive function, So is the mood. This is why it is very important that these levels are at appropriate levels from then on fluctuations in hormone levels are common, Excessive hormonal imbalance (hyperfunction) or impotence (hyperfunction) can manifest in our daily lives in countless ways: involuntary weight gain or loss, excessive sweating, lack of sleep, dry skin, irritability, frustration, anxiety, etc. In these cases, it is best to have an endocrinologist perform the evaluation.

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