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What subjects have the largest educational delay in secondary schools in Córdoba? Science, Mathematics and Physics – El Sol de Córdoba

Cordoba, Ver. Although there is no formal assessment of the educational level of students after they return to the classroom in person, Principal of Cordoba Evening Secondary School, Rodolfo Vladimir Martinez Laluth confirms that the subjects Sciences How do mathematics s physical They are the most educationally backward.

“Certainly if there is an educational delay, we cannot deceive ourselves, in some subjects there is more influence in the students, and we have had academic meetings and have discovered that we have to work more hard with them in subjects such as mathematics, physics and English, which is where we see the greatest Delayed.” Comments the representative of this institution.

He asserts that so far there is no evaluation to measure the degree of lag in these subjects, but he stressed that teachers have already begun to implement educational strategies that make it possible to compensate for this educational lag so that young students are ready for it. Work and education demands.

Martínez Laloth points out that although the critical phase of the health emergency has already passed and most young people have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 Classes have not yet resumed at 100 percent due to groups of more than 40 students in the class, however, he notes that from next school year everyone will be back in class without excuse.

“We’re not one hundred percent, there are certain groups, especially fourth graders, where we’re still at 50 percent because we’re past 45 and 48, but second and sixth grades are all in the classes,” he points out.

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Highlights that Cordoba Evening High School currently has over 580 students, so he is confident that the next semester will be back to normal on campus.