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The day Elton John almost killed himself

The day Elton John almost killed himself

Elton John, the British singer and pianist, won an Emmy Award on Monday, January 15, 2024, for Outstanding Variety Special (Live) for “Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium,” a three-hour concert documentary broadcast on Disney+. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

In recent days, Elton John has made a lot of talk again thanks to the fact that he officially became an EGOT artist, that is, he became one of the few celebrities worldwide who managed to win an Emmy Award, which is a Grammy Award. , Oscar and Tony.

Elton had just gone on a farewell world tour with unprecedented grosses that made it the most profitable in history (although a certain blonde girl is about to take the title from him).

Without a doubt, in the past year everyone has been able to see Elton John reaping the fruit of a life dedicated to music and entertainment, but above all, dedicated to breaking all kinds of stereotypes.

How did a shy gay pianist from the London suburbs become a rock star in the 1970s? Moreover, how has he managed to stand the test of time and still have his songs sung by younger generations?

The truth is that the process was not easy, because while the stadiums were filling up, the albums were selling out, and the awards were accumulating, Elton fought a tough battle against himself, which on more than one occasion came close to costing him. His life. .

Elton John made his debut in 1969 with the album Empty Sky. His first album was a huge success, selling around 3 million copies at the time. However, it would be his second self-titled Elton John album that would turn the musician into a global phenomenon, with tracks like Your Song, Take me to the Pilot and Rock & Roll Madonna.

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