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Wendy Guevara moves by revealing how she spent her 'La Casa de los Famosos' award.

Wendy Guevara moves by revealing how she spent her 'La Casa de los Famosos' award.

Wendy Guevara He became a topic of conversation on social media in the past few hours due to his revelation of what he did with the juice Four million prize of the pesos he earned in ““Celebrity House” The influencer gained the respect of thousands of Internet users because she admitted that she used her wealth to obtain unusual details with her parents, so in this note we tell you everything that is known about her.

These statements made by Wendy Guevara came during an interview she conducted with her adela mika, In it, they talked about various topics from the personal and professional life of the influencer who rose to fame thanks to the video “Las Perdidas” that went viral. The famous journalist went straight to the point and asked the famous woman what she did with the money she earned for her participation in the movie La Casa de los Famosos.

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Wendy Guevara wins four million pesos after being crowned at “La Casa de los Famosos”, Photo: IG. soywendyguevaraoficial

Wendy Guevara reveals what she did with the La Casa de los Famosos award

As we said before, Wendy Guevara got a total Four million pesos For winning “La Casa de los Famosos,” the influencer indicated that this amount of money is enough for her filter your home, next to, The truck has changed What caught most attention was that he said that He gave the money to his parents So in the end They will stop working They can live a calmer life, which is why their noble work has had such a huge impact on digital platforms.

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“I paid for my house, Adela, because I had just moved out of my house for half a year but with mortgage credit, so I quickly arrived and paid it off, and I had a truck and I said ‘I better buy a better one.’ “And I bought another one, and it’s beautiful, and I love it a lot. From there I gave the money to my parents, so they could start a business, but they didn't want to invest it, as they would prefer… And I told them: “If you want, keep the money” or if you want to put something, but And“Don't let any of us work, it's okay,” I told them, “I work and I know they won't live their whole lives with that, and every time I go to Leon I come and give them their amount of money,” expressed Wendy Guevara.

to the end, Wendy Guevara He pointed out that too He started a business for his mother, In addition, he commented that his two brothers also benefited, as one of them also helped start a business, while his other relative is the owner of various rehabilitation centres.

“My father used to make bags and shoes and things like that, you know, the shoe capital, but not anymore, and my mother cleaned for many years at home and was always a housewife, cleaning and then selling meals. I had a small shop and now I give my mother A shop that sells seeds and grains and all that stuff and I opened it up, so I said to her “open whenever you want” and since I gave her the capital she said to me “hey, I have money there” and I say the money is yours, just open it and close it whenever you want, my brother started a business and so on, and my brother “The other one has rehabilitation centers and my father helps him and that's the only thing he does.” The winner of the “House of Celebrity” concluded.

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