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Daddy Yankee celebrates his wife Meredice's birthday and dispels breakup rumours

Daddy Yankee celebrates his wife Meredice's birthday and dispels breakup rumours

In what could be a clear sign that everything is still going well in their relationship Daddy Yankee And Meredes Gonzalez, Yesterday afternoon, several video clips appeared and were circulated on social media How they lovingly participated in the reggaeton singer's wife's surprise birthday.

As the video clips show, Gonzalez enters a room with the singer, where she is surprised by a group of people who are supposed to be family and friends. The woman's face is full of pure astonishment, while that of Ramon Luis Ayala Rodríguez, the artist's given name, is one of complicity in what was the celebration of his wife's 47th birthday.

In other videos you can see how they practice bowling, in addition to other competitive activities, which included throwing plastic axes at the wall, At all times positive interaction can be seen between the two. On one wall, you could see a large greeting poster that said, “Happy Birthday, Meredy,” in English. you are amazing! Likewise, they both wore white shirts with the same design on the front. Meridis wanted to thank everyone involved in the surprise and everyone who congratulated her on her birthday.

Although neither of them spoke publicly about their relationship, since the end of last year there have been rumors of a separation between them., Especially since they both unfollowed each other on their Instagram accounts, as well as a series of comments posted by Gonzalez that fueled the rumors. However, in recent weeks, the two have been seen sharing private activities together, such as showing a book to Gonzalez's friend.

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Also, the artist is currently experiencing a new phase in his career, after he began his “retirement” from the stage and announced his dedication to Christ.