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The former musical director of the Moncada group resides in the United States

The former musical director of the Moncada group resides in the United States

Juan Carlos Rivero, who for more than two decades was musical director, keyboardist, composer and arranger for the famous Moncada group, decided to settle in Miami.

Rivero (55 years old) had already visited the United States in 2015, but now aspires to continue his career in Miami, where he received the support of many colleagues to accompany him in his projects, according to what a person close to him told the independent portal. Cuba Net.

In 1995, the respected musician joined the group Moncada, which emerged in the 1970s within the Nueva Trova movement and is known for its support of the Cuban government. Its director, Jorge Gomez, is the nephew of Raul Gomez García, the centenarian poet who died in the attack on the Moncada barracks on July 26, 1953.

The group's loyalty to the regime has been rewarded with numerous tours to countries in America, Europe and Asia, and to high-level sporting events, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2003 Winnipeg and Santo Domingo 2003 Pan American Games.

Before joining Moncada in 1995, Juan Carlos spent two years in the Cuban rock band Monte de Espuma and was also the keyboardist and musical director for singer-songwriter Amaury Pérez Vidal, for three years.

He has composed about 150 songs, recorded and organized documentaries, series and films, and also hosted music programs for television.

According to a report Cuba NetRecently, he has devoted himself to various solo projects, among which he stands out with the young singer, violinist and keyboardist Alina, with whom he undertakes his work independently.

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In 2019, in an interview with CyberCubaand announced that Reggaeton as a genre does no harm, and it is the media that insists on prioritizing it Above the rest.

“Young people today don't know Benny, Pérez Prado, Enrique Gorrín. It's unheard of!” I recently asked a 20-year-old, talking about love songs, and I quoted him. I will love you, Silvio Rodriguez, he asked me: Who is this? Of course if you talked to him about Bad Bunny he would know,” he lamented at the time.