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Jim Carrey slams Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock: 'It disgusted me'

Jim Carrey slams Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock: ‘It disgusted me’

94th Academy Awards Ceremony In history as one of the most controversial celebrations thanks to Will Smith slaps Chris Rock.

Oscar winner for Best Actor He lost his temper when the comedian made fun of his wife, Jada Smith, Noting that it should appear in the next batch of “GI Jane” But because of his baldness what The Rock didn’t know Jada had hair loss, which is why Will was furious.

since then, Smith has been the target of criticism for his violent reaction, But a few of them turned out to be very powerful Like the Jim Carrey scene who noted that the scene “disgusted him” and called the Oscar audience “cowards”.

Jim Carrey on Will Smith’s slap in the face: ‘Cowards’

Through an interview with This morning , Jim Carrey He rejected the applause the actor received when he was awarded the Best Actor award. for his performance in the movieKing Richard“.

“That clap, with people on their feet, This disgusts me. Hollywood is cut cowards And that seems to be the ultimate sign that we’re no longer the cool kids club. That insult It will last for a very long time. If you like, shout from the seats and show your dissatisfaction, or say something on Twitter, but You don’t have the right to go up on stage and hit someone because they said something you don’t like“, He expressed.

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Jim Carrey also criticizes Chris Rock

Similarly, Carrie criticized Chris Rock for Failure to take legal action against will SmithAnd the Because the actor thinks so He did this to save himself all the paperwork. In addition, he pointed out that If it was him, he would have sued Smith for at least $200 million:

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“I was going to announce my intent to sue Will for $200 million because this video is going to be around forever, it’s going to be everywhere.”I finish.