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The ConcienciArte Social Sciences and Arts Symposium will return

The ConcienciArte Social Sciences and Arts Symposium will return

The Regional Center for the Improvement of Culture, in collaboration with the Regional Culture Directorate of Holguin and the university publishing house Conciencia Ediciones, is convening the second edition of the ConcienciArte Symposium of Social Sciences and Arts on July 11 and 12 in the Cuban garden city.

On this occasion, the event will be dedicated to the tenth anniversary of Conciencia Ediciones, the publishing house of Holguin University, and to the investigative and teaching works of the historian. Georgelina Miranda Pelaez.

Cultural sector managers, teachers, academics, researchers, artists, creatives, students, entrepreneurs and cultural managers, national and foreign, working to achieve sustainable development of culture through study and employment, can participate in person or online in Science.

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Topics under discussion include management of improvement as a means of social and cultural development, editorial work: challenges and perspectives, management of communications and new technologies in culture, women's participation and leadership: the role of social sciences and culture in promoting gender equality, relations between heritage, tourism and local development and cultural tourism: technologies And trends.

The organizing committee of ConcienciArte asks those interested in presenting the results of their research to submit their papers before May 15, via email to [email protected], after which the right is reserved to reject those who do not meet the requirements.

See the invitation to the Second Colloquium of Social Sciences and Arts ConcienciArte, here.

Since its founding in 2023, the ConcienciArte Symposium of Social Sciences and Arts aims to disseminate the research results of specialists in culture, arts and social sciences related to community work, promotion, improvement, training and cultural management.