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The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences adds activities for Heritage Day

The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences adds activities for Heritage Day

In the midst of the Heritage Day celebrations, the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences will present a series of free mini-talks open to the entire community, highlighting heritage aspects of the Astronomy and Geophysics track.

“Astronomical Observatories, the Chilean Heritage” is the title of one of the talks, which will be delivered by Paul Calderón, publisher at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy and UdeC PhD student in the physical sciences.

In addition, astronomer Victor Jorqueira will give a short presentation on the origins of the universe, and Doctor of Earth Sciences, Matthew Miller, will give a look at historical earthquakes in the country.

Regarding the exhibition of observatories on national soil, Paul commented: “The idea is to remember how the various events occurred that allowed us to discover that the northern sky is ideal for the installation of observatories. We will see how the first initiatives emerged and more were added over time.”

From the first installations with essential instruments, to new observatories equipped with the latest technology, they have all become a part of national scientific history, leaving Chile as a favorite destination for astronomers for both its skies and the installed observatories.

In particular, places such as the Foster Observatory or Cerro Calan have been declared a National Monument, which values ​​these places not only for the development of science, but also as part of the national cultural identity.

“When important astronomical events occur, be it a discovery or an eclipse, for example, a major landmark is usually built or murals painted in the surrounding areas. This, over time, also becomes part of the heritage,” added the doctoral student.

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The series of activities will start at 4:00 pm on Saturday 27 May at the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Concepción in front of Los Patos Lagoon. The talks are open and free to all interested.