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The College of Information Sciences signs an agreement with UNAM

* The goal is to establish joint work for research, teaching, academic mobility and various publications

January 22 2022 by editorial

The Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi (UASLP), through the Faculty of Information Sciences, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Graduate Graduates in Library Science and Information Studies of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The Dean of the UASLP, Dr. Alejandro Zerminio Guerra and the Dean of UNAM, Dr. Enrique Grauwe Wishers, signed the document which will be of great benefit to students and academics from both institutions of higher education in the country.

The goal is to create joint work with the UASLP School of Information Sciences for research, teaching, academic mobility, and various publications, allowing for the strengthening of the two postgraduate programs at the two institutions: the MSc in Documentary Information Science and the MSc in Information Science.

In turn, Dr. Lina Escalona Rios, Postgraduate Degree Coordinator in Library and Information Studies at UNAM, emphasized that through this agreement, academic ties are strengthened in a relationship that has existed for many years, going back to 1980, though. With postgraduate courses, the relationship was not in writing, which now allows a direct and close link to the implementation of joint research work between the student and the teacher.

UASLP teachers will be able to go to UNAM to teach classes, conferences and strengthen students under agreement and vice versa. Our role is not only to strengthen existing academic ties, but also to improve the way we obtain an international view of joint research in books, articles and transcendence, meeting the demands of society, where librarians and educators in documentary information science play an essential role.”

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The UASLP Research and Graduate Studies Curator, Dr Amaury de Jesús Pozos Guillén, acknowledged the celebration of agreement by the UASLP Master’s Degree in Information Science, and the Graduate Program in Library Science and Information Studies from UNAM.

“It is a pleasure to celebrate this kind of collaboration, it will open up opportunities, but as always it will allow us to learn about different ways of thinking, doing things and of course for the benefit of work linked to the lines of generation and applying the knowledge that each of these programs cultivates.

Finally, the Director of the Host Campus, Dr. Celia Meirelles Cardenas, reiterated her commitment to collaborating with the two universities and further strengthening relations, “It is important to show the Mexican community and in general that this major is a source of opportunities for developing research projects in response to problems that affect society.

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