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The City of Arts and Sciences launches 8 selfie spots

The City of Arts and Sciences launches 8 selfie spots

The City of Arts and Sciences Launched from Valencia, a tour of its facilities that provides details for visitors 8 Best Photo Sites. These “selfie points” are found in outdoor spaces, such as the Umbracle’s balcony, the ends of the promenade, and the lakes between Science Museum and HemisfèricValencia letters.

Inside the museum, views of Foucault’s pendulum and sculpture dedicated to DNA are marked on the first floor of Calle Mayor, where the glass facade is located; Also on Cali Minor, in two replicas of dinosaurs installed at the entrance to the building.

Photo: GVA . Press

The initiative coincides with World Photography Daywhich is celebrated on Friday, August 19, and the goal is for visitors to be able to capture the best perspective during their visit.

The City of Arts is one of the most photographed places in Valencia, which is why, in parallel with this initiative, a photo competition has been launched in which you can participate Until August 29 This encourages visitors to follow the City of Arts’ social networks and share their best photos of the complex with the hashtag #VisitaCiutatArtsCiències. The prize is double tickets to the Science Museum for those who sign top ten shots.

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