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Opening of the 14th Exhibition of Education, Arts, Sciences and Technologies

Opening of the 14th Exhibition of Education, Arts, Sciences and Technologies

The head of the local executive defined the fair as “one of the most popular fairs at the county level”; Likewise, he congratulated “boys, girls, youth, teachers, and families for the commitment and effort devoted to each production on display.”

The mayor expressed appreciation for “the current state, generator of tools for developing school pathways, and also building improvements essential for learning in optimal conditions.”

The mayor confirmed that today included “the first activity of this kind that was organized after the repairs in this property.” “A new space where before there was only an open court that we were able to restart with the help of the national government,” he explained.

The science fair’s regional coordinator – Leonardo Mixinelli – described the initiative as “a public democratic show, in which boys and girls participate in projects started in the classroom. It exemplified meeting, socialization and appreciation.”

The official listed “183 jobs corresponding to different levels and styles of educational institutions: 36 primary jobs; 71 primary school students; 42 primary oriented secondary schools; 21 made by professional techniques; 9 junior adults; 4 special education. In addition, he participated Two science clubs.

Joaquín Riquelme, Sofia Miranda, Lydia Pereira, and Mia Delgado – members of Grade 5A from Elementary School No. 42 – have all demonstrated their display of bullying. They identified, “We talked about this issue by reviewing its various forms: physical, psychological, verbal and cyber.”

Of Tech No. 1, Nora Riccaldi noted that she and her colleagues designed a “electronic presence detection suitcase, in which we programmed the activation of its lights through a sensor.” “We haven’t been here for a long time because of the interruption due to the pandemic,” he added.

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Dylan Yonashiro and Mayra Origoza, both Fifth-year B students from the William Morris Institute, explained that their intervention focused on ‘love bottles’ was motivated by the ‘reuse of single-use plastics found in everyday life’. “We are raising awareness for caring for the environment,” they said.

In conclusion, the fifth grader of Elementary School #53 – Tiziano Stortoni stunned Anders Watson with all his robotic-inspired inventions. He concluded his speech by saying, “I loved coming and asking the mayor to show him what I did.”

The Minister of Education, Andrea Digiopane, was also present. School Council President – Claudia Yerbon. Regional Head of the State Administration – Pablo Fenosa – and his counterpart from Region IV DIEGEP -Leonardo Gómez-.