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The blue and white of Guatemala occupy Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles

The blue and white of Guatemala occupy Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team dedicated tonight’s game to Guatemalan heritage. Photos by La Hora/Benjamin de la Cruz

On the night of September 20, hundreds of Guatemalans residing in the United States, together with the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, celebrated “Guatemalan Heritage Night,” or Guatemalan Heritage Night, in which various citizen artists participated, who celebrated the country’s culture.

Hours before the start of the game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Detroit Tigers, Guatemalans enjoyed food and souvenir stands, as well as live music from the wooden keys of the Guatemalan marimba to rock music.

The Nationals began filling the booths at Dodger Stadium wearing T-shirts bearing the distinctive blue of the Guatemalan flag, the coat of arms near the chest and the mighty Tikal Jaguar Temple on the back, painted by the Los Angeles team. Designed for evening..

The celebration, which was held on Wednesday night, September 20, is part of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations, which the Dodgers took advantage of to hold a unique celebration for Guatemala.

Gabe Moreno performs the national anthem

Angelenos and Guatemalans were shaken by the voice of Guatemalan singer Gaby Moreno, who was responsible for singing the Guatemalan national anthem before the meeting.

In a live event that she shared on her official Facebook account, the singer-songwriter noted: “You can’t imagine, firstly, the nerves of singing in a stadium, Dodger Stadium, and the other thing that makes me very happy is that we will be with Arturo Castro.”

“Arturo will throw the first pitch and what a pleasure it will be to experience that with so many guys, right before the game starts (…) Come and celebrate the Guatemalan heritage in Los Angeles, it will be very nice to be honest,” he said.

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Castro makes his first presentation

Famed Guatemalan actor Arturo Castro had the opportunity to take the mound and throw the opening pitch in the game between the Dodgers and Detroit Tigers.

La Hora photos/screenshot

Hours earlier, the actor, who plays Jaime Castro on the Comedy Central series Broad City, showed off his trip to Dodger Stadium, wearing a Guatemala national football team jersey, alongside other migrants residing in the North American country.

“I’m going to the ballpark,” he wrote in an Instagram Story, showing off the Guatemalans he met on his way to pitch the first pitch of the game.

The old radio is also there

In the same way, the Radio Vigo band announced its attendance at the evening. “Today from Dodger Stadium, we will be playing Rock Chapin at full volume as part of Guatemalan Heritage Night,” the Guatemalan band said on its username X, Twitter previously.