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The Avenida Italia project will create a digital highway in Havana

The Avenida Italia project will create a digital highway in Havana

A “digital highway” will be built on Avenida Italia in Havana, with support from the project of the same name and ETECSA.

The country's main and only telecom company will install fiber-based broadband infrastructure, according to The Guardian. He presses Al Jazeera.

During the days of the 19th International Computer Fair, Michel Curto, the project leader, explained that “fast communication will be available along this street.

In this way, data exchange for current and future services can be supported, through the implementation of a passive Gigabit optical network.

With the announcement of the innovative technology, Triple Play services, namely voice, data and TV, will be provided.

The beneficiaries will be commercial customers, homes and other facilities in that commercial area.

The creation of the so-called “digital highway” is part of the cooperation between Italy and Cuba that began five years ago. It is estimated to include a co-working space and an incubator for innovative digital projects.

“These projects will address the challenge of sustainably developing the local potential of the municipality of Centro Havana, where the project is located,” Corto revealed.

This will be a space where young people will be able to express their creative, professional, material and spiritual needs based on the social, cultural, economic and environmental development of their environment.

High-speed computing center

The Italian Ambassador to Havana, Roberto Villano, also commented on the attractive project.

“The high-speed computing center should act as an attraction for companies, micro, small and medium enterprises and other entities that want to establish themselves there and place their business there.”

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The technical issues of the project will be the responsibility of ETECSA, in addition to the installation of the equipment provided by the Italian Cooperation Agency.

It will be located along a three-kilometre stretch from Reina to Malecón. In this section there will be a download speed up to 20 times faster than the current speed.

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