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Features of toDus, Picta, and Apklis 2.0

Features of toDus, Picta, and Apklis 2.0

After several announcements, new 2.0 versions of popular Cuban apps toDus, Picta and Apklis are finally available. Each one offers its own attractive design and launches interesting features.

Details about the updates were provided in the voice of Mayra Arevic Marin, Minister of Communications.

The executive announced the changes to the applications, in connection with the nineteenth edition of the Informatica 2024 event. “With them, safe navigation will be possible, promoting Cuban content designed for a national audience.”

Todos 2.0

toDus 2.0 shows a noticeable visual shift from reimagining based on current and modern design styles. Now, a cleaner environment is provided that adapts to needs and preferences.

The update lets you configure battery saving on the phone, as well as the way content is downloaded.

As if that wasn't enough, a Secure Folder appears to save conversations and videos for 48 hours to share texts and photos.

toDus 2.0 allows the use of reactions in conversations as well as interaction with conversation entities. The well-known platform now offers new functionality in group channels.

It already supports multi-admin functionality, allows you to edit files before sending them and includes catalogs for up to ten products. What's new in toDus 2.0 includes chatbots, intended primarily for businesses.


In the case of Picta 2.0, you can now order your own channels with the ability to monetize the content.

You will have a new management of channel managers and publishers with advanced tools and enhanced features. This will improve management to access granular metrics and expanded customization options, as well as the Android TV option.

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Apkles 2.0

Finally, Apklis will have an interface change that will be more useful, especially when searching for content by category. Automatic update of this version will be performed.

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