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The Academy of Veterinary Sciences Honors Luis Garcia Zordo

The Academy of Veterinary Sciences Honors Luis Garcia Zordo

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The late glass artist Luis García Zordo, honorary doctorate of the University of Leon (ULE) and member of the Royal Veterinary Academy of Castilla y León (AVETCYL), among other merits, was the target of last Wednesday, December 1, a “memorial” event organized by the said academy, It was held in the Gordón Ordás Hall in the El Albéitar Building, and was attended by the President of the University, Juan Francisco García Marín.

The ceremony began with a minute’s silence in honor of the homage, then Professor Manuel Valdes, Professor Emeritus of Art History at the University of London, took the floor, who gave a fascinating presentation on Luis García Zordo’s life as an artist. . , who is considered a deep connoisseur of his work.

Valdes reminded of the way García Zordo, with a scholarship to fine arts, moved to Germany driven by a deep need for knowledge, “which only great German masters can satisfy.”

It was a time of many ups and downs and learnings, until his return to Spain, to settle in the small town of San Feliz de Torio, where he established his own workshop and from which he has not since left.

“The names of the great Germans, the exponents Waldis-, masters of painting and stained-glass, sound good next to their name, such as Oberberger, of whom he was a student at the Munich School of Art, and Kandissky, Kokoska or Manzow, masters of German Impressionism, etc., from which he had the opportunity to learn of them on his journey through Innsbruck or Salzburg or Vienna.”

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Memories of the artist’s daughter

Subsequently, it was Graciela García Robles, daughter of Zurdo, his principal pupil and heir to his art, who gave a presentation made using a wide range of family portraits and her father’s works, with the aim of showing those present at the act as human. The face of the artist but also some features that distinguished him in painting, sculpture and glass.

Graciela explained the context in which each image was made and its meaning, beyond the innovative or technical characteristics the work contains. Thanks to her, attendees had the opportunity to learn about García Zurdo’s passion for small details and fishermen from small coastal towns, as well as his love for animals or the study that preceded the transformation of an idea into something tangible, be it a painting or a stained-glass window.

For his part, President of the Academy of Veterinary Sciences Elias F. Rodriguez Ferry spoke about Zordo’s relations with the veterinary scientist, commenting on his debts through his artistic contribution to the veterinary world, Chiron Centaur, other manifestations of the veterinary college, his design for the medal that was celebrated The 150th Anniversary of the College or the Shield of the Academy itself.

Then he reviewed some of the many personal virtues that adorn a character, such as his modesty and simplicity, or his sensitivity and generosity. He concluded his speech by referring to his daughter as a continuation of her father’s work in one of the directions in which his work was reflected.

Finally, a very touching text was read sent by Gonzalo Jenner, writer and veterinary friend of Luis García Zordo, who expressed his gratitude, acknowledging that the glass artist was the inspiration he drew on to create the protagonist. His novel “Windows of Heaven”.

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