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Two Cicese researchers enter the Mexican Academy of Sciences Tijuana News

Two Cicese researchers enter the Mexican Academy of Sciences Tijuana News

Ensenada BC. For her scientific and scholarly contribution, for her contribution to the formation of high-level human capital, and for her performance in leading high-impact research projects, among other factors, female physicians Carmen Paniagua Chavez And Sharon Herzka Luna entered the Mexican Academy of Sciencess (AMC) as regular members.

Corresponds to the vice president of AMC, Dr. José Antonio Sidi Curie, informing the positive opinion he reached Membership CommitteeAfter evaluating the nominations of researchers from Cice, assigned respectively to the aquaculture and . divisions Biological oceanography.

Dr. Carmen Paniagua joined Cicese as a researcher in 2000, and in 2009 was appointed Coordinator of National Subsystem for Aquatic Genetic Resources Mexico (Subnargena) and is currently a member of Subcommittee on aquatic genetic resources for food from Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat (SADER).

Science in Aquaculture

She served as the Graduate Program Coordinator in Science in 2009 and developed and coordinated the Graduate Program in Aquaculture Sciences from 2009 to 2010, and is a founding member of the Tilapia Mexico Network (2014), Baja California Naval Cluster (2017) and Mexican Aquaculture Association Since 2020; From 2016 to 2019, she held the position of Head of Aquaculture Department and currently holds the position of Director department of oceanography.

Of her patents, two were granted in Mexico, one in the United States, one in the European Union and one in China, She has administered four Bachelor’s theses, twelve Master’s and five Doctoral theses, and is the author of 44 jobs, Of which 25 are articles in specialized journals With judging, five book chapters, 12 long memoirs, and two great essays.

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On the other hand, Dr Sharon Hertzka He is searching for Cice Since 2001, his studies focus on marine fish ecology, ecology isotopes and ocean sciences.

Hertzka path

His career highlights the work he developed in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the hydrocarbon spill on the Deepwater Horizon platform in 2010.

First in the monitoring program Xiximi During which three cruises were carried out that covered the deep water area of ​​the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in Mexico, when the project was subsequently organized “Implementation of oceanographic monitoring networks to develop scenarios for potential contingency related to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico‘, from March 2015 to September 2021 under the leadership of Cice.

Thus, he led the process of creating the most comprehensive database in the history of Mexican oceanography on the physical, geochemical and environmental conditions in Mexico. costume Gulf of Mexico, supervised edition Environmental Baseline Atlas of the Gulf of Mexico, consisting of 11 volumes.

Who is Sharon Herzka?

Sharon Herzka is a Senior Research Fellow at Cicese, Level 2 at SNiShe has directed 15 MA and 3 PhD theses, participated in more than 100 conferences, co-authored 46 publications in international indexed journals and three book chapters. She was the president of Department of Biological Oceanography From Cicese between 2018 and 2021.

In addition to these two new admissions, at the beginning of this year, Dr. Patricia Juarez Camacho, Researcher in Cancer and Orthopedics in the Department of Innovation Biomédica del Cicese, I also got into AMC.

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However, membership statistics in February 2021 indicated that 27 active Cicese researchers were members of the Academy (6 women and 21 men). So far, the number of women has risen to 8, actually 29 total.

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