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To start, the twenty-third week of the Faculty of Information Sciences

To start, the twenty-third week of the Faculty of Information Sciences

San Luis Potosi, SLP. – With 12 conferences, 11 workshops, cultural activities, conversation and discussion table, from October 11-15, the 33rd week of the University’s Faculty of Information Sciences (FCI) will take place. San Luis Potosi (UASLP), under the motto “Documentary Heritage”.

Dr. Juan Escobedo Romero, Instructor at FCI, commented that the activities of the week are organized by professors and students through the Student Council, focusing on enhancing their training. And about the logo, he said that it highlights the importance of documentary heritage in society and its benefits, as well as the image of the professional.

He explained in an interview that the event will start on Monday 11 October with the inauguration of the President of the University, Dr. Alejandro Javier Zermenio Guerra. Then, at 10:00, the Director of the National Library (Mexico), Dr. Felipe Filiberto Martinez Arellano, will give a keynote and at 12:00 it will be the turn of the President of El Colegio de San Luis, Dr. David Eduardo Vazquez Salguero.

Escobedo Romero added that fellows from foreign institutions will also participate, such as Universidad de la Salle in Colombia, Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Argentina, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, among others; As well as nationally, UNAM and the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, with presentations focused on the dissemination and protection of documentary heritage.

Among the workshops that will be taught are those dealing with binding, audio document management, 19th century Mexican printed books, digitization projects for historical documents, ancient book description, and digital restoration of ancient photography, to name a few.

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Finally, the teacher invited college graduates and the interested public to register for these free activities. The full program can be found at http://www.fci.uaslp.mx/ or on the FCI Facebook page.