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The Academy of Sciences finished preparing the books assigned to it by Minerd

The Academy of Sciences finished preparing the books assigned to it by Minerd

The Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic (ACRD) announced on Thursday that it has completed the preparation of all textbooks allocated by the Ministry of Education (Minerd) for pre-university education.

He explained that this institution assumed responsibility for preparing 12 textbooks for the first and second levels (primary and secondary) in the natural sciences in accordance with the controls set by the Curriculum Department, nine of which were for the regular teaching program and three were optional. All of them have been delivered or are in the process of being validated by Minerd.

In addition, 12 books were allocated to equal stages in mathematics, all of which were equally completed and in the final stage of academic review. To conclude the commitment phase, six books from the field of social sciences, already in the curriculum, and one from the Spanish language, were completed and delivered.

“All the textbooks prepared by this scientific institution, which were delivered and published in the first series of Minerd Open Book, and even some of the books that will come in a later series, are already online (global access), they are in the editorial unit or are in the Scientific: “The final stage of validation by the Curricula Department of the Ministry of Education.”

With a statement, the ACRD feels very happy and, moreover, proud, to be part of and to contribute to the new policy of MINERD, i.e. to help create the basic educational and training foundation on which general education will be based. Dominican nation henceforth.

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The Scientific Foundation emphasized that it is an unprecedented fact in Dominican history that all textbooks for Dominican public education are freely available to all Dominicans, regardless of where they live in the country, including foreigners. “This is called public education, universal access to formal knowledge, a constitutional right and a state responsibility.”

“The suitability of the product depends on the quality of the raw material. It is the principle of elementary logic. Knowledge is all a milestone, a point of reference and the distinctive mark of the horizon upon which the student must direct his steps towards success in life. Hence, there is no human tool more powerful than adequate and thoughtful education to lay the foundations or The path to progress and development in the country.

The academic human team that approves, prepares, grades and manages the work undertaken by the ACRD consists of Eleuterio Martinez, 45 years of teaching, Felicita Heredia, two-time director of the College of Biology at UASD, Irene Pérez Guerra, a researcher and teacher, and Domenica Abramo, a scientist with 50 years of teaching.

Rene Pedra de la Torre and Esther Morales, academics and professional mathematicians, Rafael Osiris de León, Moisés Álvarez, Betzida Cabrera, Juan Daniel Martínez, Pedro de León, Carlos Andujar and José Manuel Mateo, among others, are all scientists and professionals with extensive experience in the field mathematics. Record of services provided to the Dominican community.