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The 15th Patagonian Social Sciences Meeting started in Esquel

The 15th Patagonian Social Sciences Meeting started in Esquel

On Wednesday, a new Patagonian meeting of the social sciences kicked off in Esquel and brings together a large number of professionals in the field.

The Higher Institute for Skills Development (ISFD) No. 809, with the support of the Ministry of Education of Chubut, hosts this 15th Patagonian meeting of social sciences whose main motto refers to 40 years of uninterrupted democracy in Argentina.

The opening ceremony was held yesterday at around six o’clock in the evening, in the building in which the aforementioned institute operates, and included officials from the educational field, students, researchers, and representatives of various community institutions.

This event, which announced the interest of the municipality, has among its main objectives the idea of ​​sharing relevant contributions for teacher training. Within this framework, multiple exhibitions and talks open to all residents have been programmed.

The occasional themes of this Patagonian meeting of the social sciences are the following: “Education and Democracy, Experiences and Perspectives”; “Debates and Challenges from the Fields of History and Geography to 40 Years of Democracy”; and “Conflicts and Democracy in Patagonian Territories”.

After the opening ceremony in front of a full plenary hall, the first conference of the day was held, entitled “40 Years of Democracy: Education, Memory and Sovereignty”, by Cecilia Vlachsland, Director of Canal Encuentro.

Continuously, at about 8:30 pm, there was a “Roundtable of Social Movements and Associations: Participation and Citizenship in the Region”. On this occasion, the moderator was Francisco Peralta of Radio Nacional Escale.

The program continues today Thursday, with simultaneous work tables, from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm in the Auditorium of the Meeting Center, in the “16 de Octubre” Collaborative Room and in the Digital Point of the Estación. . Education, history, democracy and geography axes.

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The presentations will continue tomorrow, Friday, in the facilities of the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development, starting at six in the evening. There will be a library exhibition, conferences on “The Contribution of the Media to the Formation of Citizenship” and “Playing in Democracy” and, finally, a presentation for music teachers.

The organization stated that “topics will be addressed with a special focus on their impact on human rights, including resistance that persists or is renewed in the face of extending rights, and the intervention of authorities that do not vote (economic, media, judicial).”

As well as “the liquefaction of politics and citizen participation, the role of the state in debate, school and democratic coexistence, power, conflict resolution, building power, solidarity training and education on values, and building citizenship.”