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Thailand impresses with a ring dress in the Miss Universe preliminary

In the Miss Universe Preliminary Contestheld last night in New Orleans, Thai nominee Anna Swingham-Im impressed her dress, because it’s made from can rings.

He also revealed on Instagram the dress She is the product of her upbringing by a garbage-collecting father, a street-cleaning mother and a virtuous nun who was Anna’s great-grandmother..

The publication adds: “Although some have called her the ‘Queen of the Beautiful Garbage’, that never stops her from sparkling like a precious gem.

The decorative design also includes Swarovski crystals.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rican candidate Ashley Ann Carino won a dress designed by Carlos Alberto. The majestic outfit was made on Network and hand embroidered. It features a royal empire neckline and a v-neckline. At the top, iridescent hand-made arabesques accented with delicate silver-tone hardware stand out. In contrast, it is made of thousands of Swarovski crystal beads and sunflowers surrounded by silver beads. It also has a tail.

The final Miss Universe contest will be held next Saturday at the Ernest N. Moriel Convention Center in New Orleans. It will air on Wapa starting at 9:00 p.m.

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