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Tamara Falco tells all the details of the reconciliation and talks about Shakira’s song

Reconciliation between Tamara Falco and Onigo Onieva It has become one of the most popular news stories of the year, and it’s just getting started. This second chance hero was in charge of the show More details about their emotional reunion With the businessman despite past infidelities that set their relationship on fire and their wedding plans.

as expected, The current assembly of “El Hormiguero”, in which Tamara Falco co-stars Nuria Roca, Juan Del Val, and Cristina Pardo, put the spotlight on this reconciliation that has been making headlines lately. “Tamara I think we should talk… I’m back with Íñigo and congratulationsPablo Mutos began saying.I’m very happy‘, said Isabel Ressler’s daughter.

Tamara was able to decipher how this second chance was formed, as she secured it A friend of hers acted as mediator in this reconciliation. “We decided to bury the hatchet, Christmas week. I didn’t have my cell phone and wrote to a friend To tell him that he wants to make peace with me. In the spirit of Christmas, I said, “Why don’t we go to mass together?” , he explains.

After suggesting this date to go to church, Íñigo goes home to the great surprise of all his relatives the moment he appears at his home. “I sent him a message in case he wanted to accompany me to midnight mass. He came home and greeted everyone… I did not announce that I was coming to my mother’s house. My cousin opened the door and when he saw ñigo he thought he made a mistake. My sister was laughing,” he continues.

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“We went to Mass with the misfortune of a friend of the owner of Hello! and saw and then they called me to ask. After that, Íñigo and I started writing to each other. We have exchanged many things that have offended us.”

‘The slap was colossal’

Isabel Ressler’s comment on the truth of love was the reason who changed his mind. On the 31st I said… I want to start the year off right. I spent a killer afternoon and started writing a list of A Thousand Ways to Love. On the 28th my mom and Mario happened and my sister called from the US. My mother comments to my Uncle Julio about what it was like to be in love and wondered if they never gave each other a chance and now they have separate lives. If this requires me to think. Something clicked.”

suddenly , They both met at Tamara’s house after the grapevine to sign peace. “It made me think a lot…and it made me feel so sad. I wrote him a letter and he said ‘Tamara it’s the grapes’ and I said ‘it’s the rooms’. I told him if he was coming to see me later…he took his motorbike and came to my house. We made peace and wanted to get away from all this noise. That’s why we went to the North Pole, but the press caught us there too“.

His mother responded to this new reconciliation Her greatest fear was that Tamara would suffer again due to a new lack of love from her partner. “When my mother found out. He told me people don’t change and I thought, ‘But I’ve changed in this time and I think people change.'” I thought I had two options and decided to try again. here we are. The slap was massive and Íñigo realized it and removed things from his life. He was reacting all this time, even though I didn’t care.

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His reaction to the session of Bizarab and Shakira

The 53rd edition of Bizarrap with Shakira and Pique as the champions He had the Tamara Falco reaction, relaying an anecdote few would know. “It’s because of the genre of this music, which is more straightforward. The song “How is he?” , by Perales, it was given to Uncle Julio because of my mom and dad’s problems, Uncle Julio didn’t want to sing it and he sang it, that’s the story, They are artists and draw from the soul. I feel sorry for the children because the best thing is for the parents to get along well.