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Televisa lawsuit: Cynthia Klitbo dumps Niurka and blames her for being the first actress

Televisa lawsuit: Cynthia Klitbo dumps Niurka and blames her for being the first actress

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Mexico City. – Although famous actress Cynthia Kletbow He made it clear in his last meeting with the press that he was not interested in starting a fight with her NEORCA MARCOSWho is dating her ex boyfriend? John VidalThe Mexican made a strong comment against the so-called “women’s scandal” that would provoke controversy between them. the villain Televisa He emphasized that Cuban did not live up to his standards and that she was indeed a woman.

As is known, the differences between them began when the translator of novels such as the privilege of loveAnd the Dare to dream s No man’s wife Send a word to the ex-wife John Osorio Be careful with Vidal because he was a “shechevo” and then mention that the Dominican heart owes him a large sum of money. Nyurka frankly replied that she would not lend him the money and ignored his recommendations.

After leaving reality famous house, the Cuban visitor and Juan resume the love affair that began on the show and Cynthia is recently questioned about her. On the carpet at an event Telemundoreporters asked the actress who 55 years About what he was thinking about “Mamá Niu” but immediately stated that he is not interested in talking about it because it is not up to his standards.

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I can’t talk about the lady because she’s not my goal and I’d rather pursue my career The first lady and actress that I am“.

Likewise, “La Klitbo” also did not want to give details of how the case against Vidal would proceed due to the economic debts he carries with her and only commented: “For legal reasons, I cannot speak on the matter, because it is in the hands of the courts.” However, it should be remembered that the same Dominican actor indicated that his ex-girlfriend was lying and that he owed her money, but he never refused to pay her.

get out of famous house “And I find myself with all this … Today I will make the transfer and I will pay every penny as we agreed,” Vidal said in recent days.

The other thing that attracted a lot of attention about her recent public appearance is that Cynthia arrived at the event holding hands with her ex-boyfriend. “King of the group” And I immediately began to speculate about the possibility of reconciliation. However, it was the same sinister famous novel that made it clear that she and YouTube did not resume their courtship, indicated that they were only friends and announced that they would be for the rest of their lives.

I owe this guy, he’s my support, you know? It’s much nicer, because the couple can thunder, but we will remain brothers and friends for life,” Klitbaugh explained.

Source: Tribune and YouTube Berenice Ortiz

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