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Lis Vega will return to the Playboy platform to stir up "sensuality";  Confirms that there will be topics |  video

Lis Vega will return to the Playboy platform to stir up “sensuality”; Confirms that there will be topics | video

Ago Liz vega She debuted as the godmother of First Hand, it’s been 5 long years where she’s been through endless things and now that the show has celebrated its 5th anniversary, she’s back to talk about some of them; One is back to play boy.

Cuban said that she is divorced and is in the process of recovery, plus she has several projects on the horizon such as continuing her music career, musical theater and stage. hot he goes, from the popular Rabbit magazine. He revealed, “I’m better than ever in my life. I think it’s the best phase of my life.”

In this case, Liz vega She explained that she participated shortly before the outbreak of the epidemic, but stopped because of it. However, her work caught the attention of people on the platform and they invited her again to collaborate with them. Of course, vedette also made it clear that she would only do unaccompanied eroticism and eroticism.

About your account Only the fansthe exclusive content platform that has become popular in recent years, reiterated that it should be closed because the topic was “too ugly” She knows her limits. But he also made it clear that by not knowing the future tomorrow he could change his mind and raise the intensity of his content.

Lis Vega has confirmed that it will not be offering 3x content (Image: Instagramlisvegaoficial)

How does Les Vega set its limits?

Knowing that the subject is complicated, because money is always tempting, Liz vega He stated that he works hard and does everything with love. In this case, it is the woman who prefers to sleep peacefully, even if she has to eat beans, rather than risking too much because she has responsibilities with her family and she is the center of it.

“In the end, money is energy and it comes and goes. Everyone who is connected to the economy will be unhappy their whole life. I think the most important thing is to stick to what really nourishes you, which are the wonderful moments with your relatives, a beautiful smile, go see the sunset, be at peace,” she shared hydrangea as part of her philosophy of life.

About the videos you will be presenting go hot She said that she would appear as God had brought her into the world, as well as taking up various topics. In the same way, he said that he would not sell used underwear because he neither liked nor used it.

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