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Tec de Monterrey: A New Era in the Health Sciences

Tec de Monterrey: A New Era in the Health Sciences

On November 22nd, Pasquale AlkoserVice President of the Central South Region for Technologico de Monterrey and the director of the Querétaro Campus, they met at the Tec de Monterrey San Luis Potosi Campus to present the new College of Medicine and Health Sciences Educational institution located in the state of Queretaro.

Pasquale Alkoser

It should be noted that the opening of this school of medicine and health sciences promotes Academic presentation that distinguish Tec de Monterrey in this region, which is currently taught on the Potosi campus:

  • Industrial and systems engineering
  • Mechatronics engineering
  • Certificate in finance
  • Bachelor’s degree in International Business
  • Bachelor of Strategy and Business Transformation
  • Creative Studies Entrance (Architecture, Communication, Design, Digital Art, etc.)

During his presentation, Alcocer detailed the competitiveness of the Querétaro Campus, in relation to the goals to be achieved by 2025, through a strategy driven by topics of interest to Tec students currently:

  • Academic presentation
  • internationalization
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Inclusion, social impact and sustainability

Likewise, he points out that the country provides an ideal ecosystem for those around it Six thousand and 500 studentswith the highlight being the first place in the rule of law index by the Global Justice Project, the second most chosen entity by KPMG-related companies in Mexico, and the third state with the best performance and competitiveness at the national level by the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMC).

Pasquale Alkoser

In this sense, Alkoser reported that the derived is of importance Queretaro campus As one of the four main offices of Tec de Monterrey, it is proposed to cover the demand by introducing and expanding academic coverage, this time by opening the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (emcs).

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What is the academic offer?

This project deals with what has been experienced in the pandemic phase, when the issue of health has become more important, and has looked beyond physical health, including also Integrated healthwhich offers a range of opportunities for the development of professionals in these fields.

Aware of this, Alcocer states that within the educational scope offered by EMCS is the training of experts in the areas:

  • Bachelor of Biological Sciences
  • Nutrition and holistic wellness
  • Clinical and Health Psychology
  • Surgeon
  • Dental surgeon
  • MSc in Biomedical Sciences
  • PhD in Biomedical Sciences
  • Doctor of Clinical Sciences

In addition, the main highlight of EMCS is clearly the educational programs, which are completely patient-centered, in addition to obtaining accreditation accmebeing the first institution nationwide to obtain it.

The new College of Medicine and Health Sciences opened its doors last August 2022, and the first generation will be received for the year 2023.

Each of their degrees and educational programs will be responsible for experts In this matter, with the highest quality and knowledge, focused on training qualified professionals.

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