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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce leave together after Chiefs win and confirm the status of their relationship

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce leave together after Chiefs win and confirm the status of their relationship

For several years in NFLIt is very common to see back-to-back wins for Kansas City ChiefsHowever, their win in the third week of the 2023 season is over Chicago Bears It had a special flavor to its presence Taylor Swiftwho attended the meeting to support Travis Kelseywho accompanied him to the exit of Arrowhead Stadium and thus confirmed that their relationship goes beyond something just casual.

Throughout the broadcast of the 41-10 game in favor of the Locals, in which the tight end had a game of 7 receptions for 69 yards and a score, the singer could be seen accompanied by Without athe player’s mother, in a box, in addition to joyfully celebrating her landing, finally left with a smile on her face, accompanied by the world champion. Super Bowl LVII.

The Kansas City Chiefs left the field with the guest of honor


Two adults together and smiling

Across social networks, a video has spread where you can see Swift and Kelsey leaving the venue together, without holding hands, but clearly relieved, as the singer-songwriter wore a smile from ear to ear, after witnessing a strong victory for the governor. NFL Champions.

In addition to the reactions of the artist, who was seen on several occasions living and laughing with Donna Kelsey, everything seems to indicate that the rumor that started a few weeks ago, although it does not have official confirmation from any of those involved, has now come into existence. It becomes an instant love story.

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Exciting afternoon

Let us remember that Taylor Swift received this invitation to attend the Chiefs game from Travis Kelce, who admitted his admiration for the singer on several occasions, and there were even rumors of them going out secretly in recent weeks.

The NFL did not hesitate to highlight the artist’s visit to Arrowhead Stadium, sharing various video clips showing a very happy Taylor Swift in the penalty area and exchanging various conversations with Donna Kelsey.

Travis Kelce was interviewed on the Pat McAfee Show and, as expected, was questioned about his possible relationship with Taylor Swift. The Chiefs player did not deny that there was definitely something going on between the two, but he also did not confirm anything.

The Kansas City Chiefs player explained that he invited Taylor Swift to come watch him play at Arrowhead Stadium.

“I told her I’d seen her play on stage at Arrowhead, and that maybe she should come see me play on stage at Arrowhead…we’ll see what happens in the near future,” said Travis Kelsey, who did just that. And don’t miss his opinion on the rumors of his alleged romantic relationship with the artist.