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Tania Rincon is insulted by Paul Stanley on 'Hoy' and the host attacks her |  News from Mexico

Tania Rincon is insulted by Paul Stanley on ‘Hoy’ and the host attacks her | News from Mexico

Mexico City. – Tania Rincon Been “humiliated” by Paul Stanley, less than a week they entered the “Today” program as part of the official lecturers, but Internet users want the announcer to take revenge on her partner.

That was on the 14th of last October Paul Stanley He played a “trick” on Tanya Rincon during an activity in which most of the drivers took part, which the former beauty queen did not even find on the “balcony” in front of the cameras.

During the game, the drivers had to guess the answer to the question that Legacy de la Torre I did their work in the shortest possible time and before the balloon with confetti in their heads exploded.

When Tania’s turn came, she had to guess the year she wrote the series “Ruby”, Which at first was a movie, but before that the host gave the right answerPaul Stanley blew up the balloon until the confetti spilled over his partner.

What was Tania Rincon’s reaction to Paul Stanley?

At first, Tanya thought her time was up, but she immediately realized Paul was with him Very good friendshipIt was he who blew up the balloon until confetti fell on it, causing the 34-year-old woman to not shut up.

I just want to say this guy asked me for an earring (to blow up the balloon), so you don’t know who he’s working on,” Tanya said as Paul mocked him behind his back and showed “crime evidence” (sharing) to the camera.

Previous driver’s reaction “Come joy” It caused some comments against what happened, as Tanya is one of the most loved and followed TV presenters in the middle of the show.

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Most of the comments were even positive towards who is Nuestra Belleza Michoacán, who congratulated him on his new entry in the “Hoy” and accepted that he makes good dumbbells using Galilea Montego And Andrea LegarretaOthers are popular with the public.

They also commented that they are dying to see the moment Tania Rincon takes revenge on Paul Stanley, because the situation cannot continue like this.

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