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Marjorie de Souza defends against Alicia Machado's attacks

Marjorie de Souza defends against Alicia Machado’s attacks

Things between Marjorie de Souza and Alicia Machado are on fire.

It is that the Venezuelan actress did not remain silent about the attacks launched by the former Miss Universe in the middle of the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos”, as she criticized her for the chaos she is living with Julian Gill because of her son Matias. .

“I think what you’re doing is really bad milk,” Miss Universe 1996 said, referring to D’Souza.

After those expressions, as expected, the Venezuelan actress responded.

“I believe that one cannot give their opinion on other people’s lives because you do not know what every human being is going through. I wish the best for all the people who are trying to discredit you in some way, but we must not forget that no one knows what shoes I had to wear and all I had to do Going forward, I bless them,” Souza replied.

“When other people’s lives set an example for me, I’ll take it into account and I’ll pay attention, and when things don’t matter to me, go ahead, give it to me, I’ll retire,” he added.

“If you’re hooked, you lose, and we’re in the process of learning and moving forward, then if you’re hooked, you come back, and I’m not there for it. I lived too long to be bitter about bullshit.”

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