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Tamaulipas students will take their science projects to Malaysia and 8 other countries – El Sol de Tampico

For your talent, intelligence and dedication, the students Tamaulipas He stood out at the last meeting.”National Science Fair 2022which they obtained Approval of nine projects who will represent Tamaulipas previously Mexico At international events, unveiling Minister of State for Education.

at this meeting Science and Technology Which took place on December 7 and 8 at San Luis PotosiChildren and youth from 32 entities of the republicIn addition, there were participants from others Seven countriesbetween them BelgiumAnd the BrazilAnd the Colombias Chili pepper.

These were the projects of the Tamaulipas youth

Students submitted 450 projects aimed at promoting scientific and technological development innovation in Mexico youth. This was Nine Tamaulipas projects Determinant:

SoundTEA. Hearing aids and modular canceling devices for children diagnosed on the autism spectrum, created by Victor Acosta Vialwin and Fred Arjuna Morales of CETis No. 22From Tampico This will lead them to Ecuador.

Amassol. An alternative food product for Prevent malnutrition s obesityReporting by Jose Coronado Ramirez and Ruben Juarez Antonio Madero TechnologiesWorld Health Organization He will travel to Malaysia Next year.

Terrapic. a Mechanical splint Which provides safety and convenience, and can be used with a tool natural therapy It can be used from home. Prepared by Gustavo García Casiano and Ana Jacqueline Hernandez; From Reynosa Technological Institutewho received Accreditation at ExpoCiencias Guatemala 2023.

fire alarm. a device Allows detection, measurement, monitoring and interaction with Presence Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas exist in its vicinity. Developed by Emily Villanueva Ramirez and Gema Esparza-Lopez, Inc cone 055 Matamoroswhich will be presented in Turkish Science Fair Next year.

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Imitation of nature. project for Improving product manufacturing through biomimicry, that is, imitating the forms of nature. With this innovation, Bruno Báes Martínez and Daniel González Cabrera of The Victoria Polytechnic Universityyou will have the opportunity to travel to Indonesian Science Fair.

Grandmapal flocculant. Product explanation for Surface of the watermade of nopal gum. Developed by Monserrat Molina Guzmán and Daniel Fuentes Zúñiga. the students affiliate Ciudad Victoria Technologies Remote Control Unitwho was granted the right to attend Peru.

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environmental paper environmental. Suggesting the use of toxic waste from a chemical reaction For making paper, cup holders, table covers, etc. Created by Luis Aguinaga Rodríguez and Aranza González Ledezma from Escuela General Secondary School No. 1 “Manuel Avila Camacho”from the municipality mantiwith what They will travel to Hong Kong.

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yogurt. a Organic waterproofing born from milk waste. supported by Tamaulipek studentTo Carol Valeria Morales and that he adopted her in Northeast Science and Technology Expo in Brazil.

The Fire wall. A chemical process that prevents the spread of fire. Students José Trejo Morales and Fernanda Quintos Ploneda, from Univ Manti Academic Unit is interdisciplinary They will give a demonstration English Science Forum for Young People. any of these Scientific projects affiliate Tamaulipas students Do you think it is more innovative?

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