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Take a breath before you see what Nodal’s girlfriend Katzu used to look like, bald and blonde

kazoo (29) and Christian Nodal (24) They are going through one of the best moments in their lives these days. This is what the Argentine fisherman recently confirmed at a party that she is pregnant, so the two artists are awaiting the arrival of their first son (or daughter) together. Although the rumor was spread some time ago, recently kazoo He confirmed what appeared to be an open secret.

After nearly a year together, the Argentine “Queen of the Trap”. kazoomexican regional reference, Christian NodalThey have everything ready to debut as parents. This is how he confirmed it kazoo On stage and at the end of his tour, while performing at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires (Argentina). On this occasion, however, we will take advantage of the good news involving lovers to bring an old photo from the drawer of memories and where an Argentina is seen very different from the one we knew last year.