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Today’s horoscope, April 23, 2023, for all zodiac signs

in it Horoscope todaySunday, April 23they coincide Mars and asteroid Erosstars that represent emotion and an expression of feelings, so that you can express whatever you feel deep in your heart.


Today Mars on its way through Cancer will meet the asteroid Eros, giving you so much passion and joy that they will completely come out of your personality.

It will also help you break down some of the barriers of insecurity so you feel more free to do what you really want, especially in the workplace.

This will make it easier for you to implement projects based on your desire to try different initiatives. On the other hand, the spontaneity of your actions will make you attract other types of people around you so that you can restart a stagnant business.

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The conjunction that the asteroid Eros and the planet Mars will have today will give you a good mood and you will be able to radiate all your joy and vitality among the people around you.

You will want to catch the attention of others and your expression will appear more natural and fun than on other occasions. This way, you will have the ability to achieve perfect harmony between what you give and what you get.

In addition, for your horoscope, the aforementioned astral connection will give you a special charm thanks to your attitudes that will make you shine and enjoy the support of people.

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Today, the asteroid Eros, which represents your passion, meets Mars, which is associated with your vital energy. Since this encounter occurs in signs of different elements, you may not be in control of your impulsive reactions.

Avoid rushing into reckless actions and wasting a lot of energy or money. So that this does not happen and you can remain balanced, it would be better to start some kind of dynamic, creative, romantic and even business activity in which you can entrust all your joy and willpower.

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As Mars reconfirms its transit through your sign, it decides to confront the asteroid Eros, and this will benefit you so that you can give more energy and strength to projects already undertaken.

Since you will feel good about the decisions you make on a professional level, you will be able to act without attacking anyone or wanting to control others.

In addition, you will be able to clearly see what you need to do from now on to embody the purchasing power you dream of in order to live in prosperity. This will help you balance strong impulses and even more so if you are doing rosemary baths on the chakras.

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For good decisions made these days in April, today Cosmos will endow your sign with a high level of passion so that you put more effort into everything you do.

This will be due to the special encounter between Mars and Eros, stars that are dedicated to giving you more willingness to please others in their commercial preferences and thus obtain beneficial business.

On the other hand, you will strive to organize yourself well so as not to waste too much energy or waste this good moment to show your financial ability, as you will also have more compassion and kindness to increase your clients.

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Mars will reaffirm its transit through the sign of Cancer and will make a very special connection with the asteroid Eros to increase its influence in your sign.

Since these stars represent one of the most sexual couples in the zodiac, while they come together to increase your sexual energy and desire to experience a very passionate relationship.

That being said, this would be the perfect time to start and it will also help if you have to work out a love issue, as you will be more willing to take on a greater marital commitment, leaving any difference.

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Today, the asteroid Eros and Mars have an encounter to increase your power of attraction and sexual desires. As you will certainly appreciate your increased level of appetite, you will understand the great capacity for delivery that you have.

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In addition, your high energy will come out very spontaneously. So you will achieve the approval and closeness of others.

On the other hand, by establishing new social relationships in your life, you can meet a very special person who will attract you a lot physically and with whom you will feel like your soul mate.

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To the good decisions of these days, today will be added the special vibration of the asteroid Eros with Mars, which will make you radiate more vitality and harmony.

Both stars will send their best energies into your heart and this will give you more motivation to sensually and physically express all the love and passion you feel inside of you.

It is very likely that this astral event will mean the beginning of a love affair with a lot of physical attraction and high eroticism, which will unite them with the desire to enjoy all the pleasures of life.

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The asteroid Eros, representing your more passionate side, and Mars, your vital energy, meet and share this day. Since this will occur in signs of different elements, if you visit your friends or partner today, you will have a strong need to assert your individuality because lately you will feel that you are not receiving the affection you were expecting.

Here you must take care of the way you express yourself because you can forcefully impose your desire to assert your desires more than the desires of others; However, if you are looking for the right harmony so that everyone is happy, you will make your relationships have a certain vibration.

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Mars is making its way through Cancer, meeting Eros so that your self-esteem is lifted by noticing your attractive power expanding. In addition, sensitivity to the desires of others will be added to your diplomacy and you will enjoy social conversations.

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On the other hand, both your love and sexual interest will expand, and among your priorities will be enjoying the erotic and emotional pleasure of relationships, leading you to try many positions that satisfy you much more. Consider preparing a bottle of self-love to find peace and happiness within your heart.

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Today Mars will align with the asteroid Eros, so you can put more passion and resolution into all of your tasks and responsibilities. You can apply the above in both your business commitments and your economic projects.

However, in order to function better, you should try to put aside your impulsive nature and thus channel your security towards your goals.

It’s time to be more serious and start the business that you have been putting off or lacking the courage to promote, because the above synchronization will give you a lot of energy.

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Today there is the asteroid Eros and the planet Mars representing sexuality and vitality respectively. With this astrological event, you will have the best day to meet an attractive person because your sexual attraction will increase and you will be able to make your most seductive conquests.

You will feel that both your appetite and the need to express your feelings through your body, as well as your sexual creativity and desire to merge with the other, increase. This range of sensations will motivate you to start a sexual relationship with plenty of physical attraction and intellectual compatibility.

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