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Summary of the match Toluca vs Puebla (1-1).  Objectives

Summary of the match Toluca vs Puebla (1-1). Objectives

Toluca at home saved a point with a 1-1 draw with Puebla In an early duel meets the 16th day of the 2022 opening, after recovering from a goal, after serious supervision, and stay with 10 men At the Nemesio Diez Stadium.

Andres Mosquera He who stole the nightbecause on the one hand it opened the way for Puebla to the goal, but he found a draw to come out not a loser.

camouflage team He didn’t know how to take advantage of the extra man for just over 25 minutes And leave a good victory. For the Red Devils, this was a great point due to the circumstances of one night where both guards took possession of almost everything.

The sector was excited

The registry opens very quickly. Once the stopwatch thought it would hit the 17th minute when Omar Fernandez benefited from a small gift from Andrés Mosquera, who gave the ball away to Maximiliano Araujo. This immediately left the Colombian, who netted a goal past Thiago Volpi to make it 1-0.

Toluca also got his talent and it was in the next play when in the 21st minute Emilio Martinez wanted to lean on Anthony Silva, but inadvertently left the ball to Jean Meneses, The Red Devils identified the player and the wand prevented him from drawing; Gaston Silva eliminated the danger to continue with La Franga at a minimum.

keep arriving and Diego de Boen believed In a free kick and in the 26th minute, he put his full foot down to fire a rifle bullet that hit Volpi’s keel; It looked like the second poblano.

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Leo Fernandezthe always-appearing Crimson element, also took a free kick at 28′, but threw it straight and Silva put his hands to ward off the danger.

Before the break, two slices arrived for preservation. Or not Israel Bans Reyes Toluca from Painting In the 40th minute, and three minutes later Claudio Baeza did the same when there was another mistake in the Corrizo defense and they almost left one player from La Franga.

The first part was from the second part of Toluca. The center of the Charlie Gonzalez area, at the end The ball fell to Brian Angulo, who hit it with a shot, and Anthony Silva’s hand appeared first Then the crossbar to flood the goal cry.

The duel was complicated for Toluca when Jordan Sierra slipped over Reyes. It was a tough entry into the VAR It was confirmed that he was expelled at 67′..

Then Larkamon searched for the second goal, but it was not achieved, although he put his reinforcements Josie Altidore at 80′ To try to create more danger in the attack, but nothing happened.

Mosquera wash his sinners And in the 82nd minute, he sent a cross into the area to make the score 1-1, a result that surprised the attendees since the Red Devils had one less man on the field.

Already in compensation, La Franja wanted and Jordi Cortizo shot a far shot that Volpi stayed, and At 95′ Altidore sent it to the side before the final whistle which left 1-1.