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Summary of the match Osasuna vs Mallorca (0-2).  Objectives

Summary of the match Osasuna vs Mallorca (0-2). Objectives

Pamplona, ​​Spain; Sadar Stadium /

Javier Aguirre Came as a firefighter Mallorca To save him from relegation, put out the fire, raise him from the last positions and save him from losing the classification after. 2-0 win over Osasuna Thus, a file is sent League Two to me Grenade.

Mallorca knew how to play with their nerves, played the game according to their plan, and realized that their fate always depended on themselves.

Basque He lived a different match on the bench, complained, screamed, celebrated, ran, smiled, but he also struggled, especially at the start of the match where his team’s nerves were frayed and mistakes appeared.

In the second half, when the clock can play an important role, because in Carmen Granada equals and Cadiz do the same with AlavesMajorkan inflated his chest, forgot the tension and found the first goal in the 47th minute.

to explain scarlet It didn’t go well at all in the other places, Aguirre’s men were given a full break, and they could keep playing regardless of other results which helped them relax.

Cadiz’s goal against Alaves did not bother the visitors in the least Sadar StadiumRescuing them from relegation and confirming their survival in the extreme circle appeared Clement Graner To send the ball to the net Osasuna.

Only the second goal made Vasco look up to the sky and sigh with gratitude that his team was saved from relegation, and this result gives him life after what happened. rayados del monterrey On the MX . League.