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Atlas will play two finalists in six months: Diego Kuka

Atlas will play two finalists in six months: Diego Kuka

atlas in the final Closing 2022 after elimination tigers In the semi-finals and highlighted what the team did under his leadership, because they have the possibility to be there Twice ChampionSomething that has not happened in the history of the institution.

“On the matter of alignment, we saw that tigers It has many foreigners, for me it is The best team in Mexico, far away, and exposed what happened. we We do not have this campusWe are fighting with our weapons.”

“People push you, they push you forward and in that vein, my team competed and qualified for the final, with an opponent who is used to being in the final, to become the champion. Two teams will play two finals in six monthsnever happened in the club’s history, and What does it need to improve? WhichWe have a long way to go to get where you are now tigers“.

The red and black strategist highlights what the team as a whole has done UANL And the boost their fans gave them, even though their team got rewarded for not lowering their arms, because they scored a Penalty kick in injury time to take the pass.

tigersI think the first half was very good, it was for us, for another team, for other fans, 1-0 should be decisive, but Hats off to the teamand fans and They got their awardbut we also, and The reward for my players is not to give up It has been found. It was a very strange match, a lot of hits, two teams trying to attack, we were able to define it before, but one of them had to win and Congratulations to the tigers“, he added.

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about controversy VAR and referee decisions Cesar Ramoswith three penalty kicks, Coca He said it’s a very complex situation and technology sometimes works with you and sometimes against you.

Talking about the VAR is crazy, is part of modern football, this profession is complex and with VAR technology it becomes even more intense. It only remains to be smarter, think that VAR technology is there so that you are not wrong and Sometimes it will help you and sometimes it won’tToday, he did it for both sides. The first penalty was not, and the last penalty can be discussed in the same way, it is our turn, football is like that,” he declared.