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Such was the impressive transformation of Anjelica Rivera in recent years

Such was the impressive transformation of Anjelica Rivera in recent years

Angelica Rivera She is best known for being one of the most beloved actresses in show business who was married to the former President Enrique Pena Nieto, a relationship that ended after nine years; However, his name is now echoing on social networks after the transformation that took place in recent years after his separation from the former president.

Remember that callThe seagull“It was like First Lady of Mexicowho decided overnight not to be part of show business and to keep his life private, with only 134 followers between them, Michel Salas and Diego Boneta; However, through her daughters we can learn more about what the actress does and her activities, as well as the travels she takes.

This is what Anelica Rivera looked like before she started politics Photo: Instagram @angelica_riveragdl_fans

Angelica Rivera, did you have surgery? The photos spark rumors about a possible makeover

The wonderful changes of Anjelica Rivera

Below we will show you the change that the heroine of “Destilando Amor” went through over the years, before she began political work, after the end of her term as the first lady of the country and after her separation from EPN to return to her life away from the cameras. It is supporting the dreams of their daughters.

Angélica during a 6-year tenure for EPN Photo: Instagram @angelica_riveragdl_fans

As a bunny, Sofia Castro sparkles on her 26th birthday in a leather bodysuit and fishnet stockings

Much has been said about the changes that the 53-year-old actress has gone through, who recently revealed herself in a popular magazine about whether she had undergone some interventions on her face to rejuvenate her, after so much stress and insomnia that she was subjected to during her life. six years. From her ex-husband, who also made some “makeovers”.

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The radical change of Angelica Rivera

Recently, Regina’s mother, Fernanda and Sofia Castro, went viral after TV Notas magazine spoke to one of the makeup artists who make her look stunning in front of the cameras, revealing that Angelica Rivera and her daughter are 26 years old, they are obsessed with aesthetic procedures, that is without fixing the bruises Which remains after undergoing these interventions in order to appear prettier and younger to their fans.

Photo: Instagram @angelica_riveragdl_fans

for his part, Sophia Castro He would deny that his mother had plastic surgery and would assert that her beauty was due to “good genes, not to… surgery AestheticAs reported in various media and fan theories on social networks.

What is known about the ex-partner Jose Alberto Castro Is that he now lives in Miami in the United States, where they celebrate holidays with the name Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Where young singer Sofia Castro shared a post where her mother is next to her siblings and her famous mother.

Angelica Rivera spent Christmas with her family. Photo: Instagram @sofia_96castro

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